Motu and Patlu start in the kitchen, deciding who should cook. For about a minute or so, they starting to fight at each other. They go outside of the house and goes to see Dr. Jhatka and Ghasitaram working on a pink rocket that sends people to the outer space. Dr. Jhatka says to Patlu to hide in the rocket-ship, but after, Motu and Patlu went with each other. In the middle of the journey, Motu gets out of the door asking Patlu to help. Patlu realized that there was a latch on the circular door. Then they landed at the Alien World. Then Motu really craved for samosas, but it was such a long way back to Earth to Furfuri Nagar. The aliens had a special kind of technology that can grab anything from the Earth. After they needed to defeat the boss that was there. They realized that the boss had a gun that can turn anyone into stone. Motu wanted to test it by an alien who said, Usse gun ab lal light se pathar banjati hai, aur green light se vapas theek ho jate hai. (If it is a red light on the gun, then you will become stone, and if it is a green light on the gun you will be very fine.) They defeated the boss by spinning around him, then he got dizzy. Then Motu Patlu gets sent back to Earth to Furfuri Nagar. He then talks about the technology they have seen in the Alien World to Ghasitaram and Dr. Jhatka.

Wow Kidz Listing/Airing

On September 8, 2016, the episode was aired on Wow Kidz YT channel with English, French and Spanish subtitles included with it.

To watch here:


  • This was one of the first episodes to not have both Chingum and John, with the henchmen.
  • This was one of the old first season episodes to air on Wow Kidz.


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