Black Bull or Kalia is a muscular and ferocious bull from a festival celebrated in Furfuri Nagar to worship Cows and Bulls. He makes his only appearance in the "Motu Patlu Aur Black Bull" episode where he goes out of control and attacks residents of the city. He has such strength that he was able to pull Inspector Chingum, Ghasitaram, Dr. Jhatka, Motu, and Patlu with ease from his strength.


He is very muscular, well fed, and has a very strong body build. A large hump runs through is back and his hide is colored charcoal black all over giving his name. His horns are very large and uses them to charge and headbutt people in his way. His horns are colored red and very sharp.

Along his face runs a bridle although he is still able to talk. Unlike depictions of bulls in the western world, he does not have a ring on his nose.


He is quiet ferocious and scary that no one messes with him, not even Inspector Chingum. He had been taught the sport of Bull Fighting and that gave him his aggressive nature as Bullfighting is a very cruel and abusive sport.

Black Bull gets angry and agressive at the color of red and will charge at it. He also will go after his target and will not end his pursuit until he defeats them as with Motu and Patlu.