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Nilraat Nilraat 1 August 2021

Samosa Gazette; Issue 11

Hello and welcome. This is the 11th edition of the Samosa Gazette. This issue will attempt to cover most of the changes which have happened since the release of Issue 10.

  • 1 UCX
  • 2 Keeping Appearances With The Modes
    • 2.1 Light Mode
    • 2.2 Dark Mode
  • 3 Names in Devanagari
  • 4 Scripts
  • 5 Sister Wikis
  • 6 Rules and Regulations
    • 6.1 Warnings and Blocks
  • 7 Promotions
  • 8 Achievements
  • 9 Discord
  • 10 Conclusion

According to FANDOM, FandomDesktop is now the default layout viewers will see and use when using FANDOM wikis such as this wiki. Because of this, several new changes to the wiki have been implemented.

Coming with FandomDesktop is the ability to choose a light mode and dark mode for the wiki's overall appearance. Whether you want to use light mode or dark mode is up to you.

Light Mode i…

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Nilraat Nilraat 7 January 2021

Samosa Gazette; Issue 10

Hello! After many months, the Samosa Gazette has finally reached 10 issues! This issue will cover a few topics.

  • 1 UCP Migration and Changes
  • 2 New Theme
  • 3 The Main Page
  • 4 Milestones
  • 5 Other News
  • 6 Conclusion

The wiki was migrated to the UCP relatively recently. A few scripts such as BackToTopButton and LinkPreview are unavailable at the moment. Legacy WikiActivity no longer exists, but you can access the Dev script version here, which you may use alongside RecentChanges.

In the wiki Discord, there was a poll asking users whether the wiki's theme should be more representative of it's topic (Motu Patlu). The majority voted yes, so now the wiki theme tries to resemble the Furfuri Nagar gate. The wiki background was also changed to reflect the new UCP update…

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Nilraat Nilraat 1 October 2020

Poll Archive

The following is an archive of all the Motu Patlu Wiki polls. AjaxPolls, the polls feature will not be existing on UCP, the Unified Community Platform, so all existing polls will be archived here.

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Woh0 Woh0 16 September 2020

Leadership Skills Not Started

OK. I was about to start Leadership Skills! on Friday, but I forgot about it, so we have until October 12 this year, and I'll edit the page. It will start Thursday at 8 PM.

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Woh0 Woh0 8 September 2020

Important for Admins and Mods

If you're a mod or admin, this is important news for you coming below. 

Go to this page:



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Woh0 Woh0 7 September 2020

1st Annual Leadership Skills

Hey guys! 

I want to share something that I recenly deleted. It's called the Leadership Skills. I want to talk about it today because I think it was the most important thing in all of my discussions here. 

The First Annual Leadership Skills will happen on Friday, September 11th 2020. You'll have until October 9th this year. 

If you want to learn more about it, click here. 


Visit my Twitter page. 



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Nilraat Nilraat 7 September 2020

Samosa Gazette; Issue 9; New Features, UCP News, and More

Hello! This is the 9th edition of the Samosa Gazette!  This issue will address recent changes to the wiki and will provide news on the Unified Community Platform. 

  • 1 New Features
    • 1.1 Common.js
      • 1.1.1 Common.js Rules
      • 1.1.2 Common.js and UCP
        • Currently, Common.js appears to exist at UCP. 
    • 1.2 Modernized BackToTopButton
  • 2 UCP News
  • 3 Discord
  • 4 New Languages
    • 4.1 Marathi
  • 5 Featured Pages
  • 6 Conclusion

Common.js has been enabled on the wiki! Please see more information about it here. 

There are a few rules with using Common.js. Firstly, please do not introduce any code that might affect the wiki significantly without consulting fellow administrators. Secondly, please do not remove any code unless it is negatively affecting the wiki. Thirdly, you can see the results o…

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Nilraat Nilraat 16 August 2020

Samosa Gazette; Issue 8; Achievements, Languages, UCP Preparation

Welcome to the 8th edition of the Samosa Gazette! The issue will address recent changes in the wiki. 

  • 1 New Motu Patlu Wiki Languages
    • 1.1 Arabic
    • 1.2 Telugu
  • 2 900 Pages
  • 3 Promotions
    • 3.1 Motu Patlu Arabic and Indonesian Wiki
  • 4 UCP (Unified Community Platform)
  • 5 New Changes

An Arabic Motu Patlu Wiki has been established!

A Telugu Motu Patlu Wiki has also been established!

The Motu Patlu Wiki (this wiki) has reached 900 pages! A wiki project is currently being developed, and it will be about getting this wiki to 1000 pages. The 900th page was Motu Patlu The Truck Driver. 

Anime Toon Urdu has been promoted to bureaucrat in the Motu Patlu Arabic and Indonesian Wikis.  

The Unified Community Platform, has released achievements. This means that the Motu Patlu Wiki can…

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RudyTheRockstar RudyTheRockstar 7 August 2020

Unorganized Categories

So today I'm gonna share my opinion on the category section of most of the pages.

I've been going through most of the pages, and I can see many unnecessary categories added onto pages, honestly, which are of no importance or in other words they're simply useless.

A quick example is category Episodes, we already have a category named Motu-Patlu Episodes so I don't think if we need both of them. One of them should be removed.

Another example, Minor characters, and Minor Charactersthey both are just the same but the only difference is the capitalization of the letter 'C'. So the only category to be kept is Minor Characters. [Since the capitalized categories look better].

Another example, Antagonists and Antagonistthey both are just the same b…

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Woh0 Woh0 6 August 2020

1st Annual Leadership Skills!

I plan to do something called Leadership Skills! to make the Motu Patlu Wiki grow.

It will start from today at 8:00 PM, till 4th September, 8:00 PM.

For more information about this event, please go here:!

Thank you!

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Anime Toon Urdu Anime Toon Urdu 5 August 2020

Motu Patlu in Hindi

Motu Patlu refer to the original version of the Motu Patlu series in India.

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Anime Toon Urdu Anime Toon Urdu 5 August 2020

Motu Patlu in the Indonesian language

Motu Patlu in the Indonesian language refer to the Indonesian adaption of the Motu Patlu series in Indonesia.

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Anime Toon Urdu Anime Toon Urdu 5 August 2020

Motu Patlu in Arabic

Motu Patlu in Arabic refers to the Arabic adaption of the Motu Patlu series in the Arab world.

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Woh0 Woh0 5 August 2020

Samosa Gazette

I have a request for Nilraat, an admin for this wiki, of if he's gonna continue the Samosa Gazette. 

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Nilraat Nilraat 4 August 2020

Archive: Hera and Pheri

Hera and Pheri are the two assistants of Inspector Chingum. Whenever Chingum says, "You are under arrest!", then Hera and Pheri go quickly and arrest those people in a lock-up, or a cell. They appear in various episodes. Whenever Motu, Patlu, and Inspector Chingum rides on the green jeep, then Hera and Pheri are next to Inspector Chingum, to assist him. Hera and Pheri usually where John and his goons are going, because they are the troublemakers of Furfuri Nagar. They also appear in various movies, an example of one is Motu Patlu: King of Kings, where Motu, Patlu, Jhatka and Ghasitaram, and Inspector Chingum are to check on Narasimha so that he doesn't capture Singa I, the king of the jungle in the movie

  • 1 Appearence
  • 2 Abilities
  • 3 Weaknesses
  • 4 Dia…

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RudyTheRockstar RudyTheRockstar 4 August 2020


I've decided a new way to update the admin page.

|- |Rudy |He's a generous, cheerful, and nice admin. You can talk to him about anything! |Active |}

Same with the moderators...

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Nilraat Nilraat 4 August 2020

Samosa Gazette; Issue 7; Milestones, Changes in Motu Patlu Wiki Staff, Languages, and More

Hello. This is the 7th edition of the Samosa Gazette. This issue will address many changes to the wiki.

  • 1 Staff Promotion
    • 1.1 Motu Patlu Urdu Wiki
  • 2 Motu Patlu Tamil Wiki
  • 3 Motu Patlu Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia) Wiki
  • 4 Milestones!
  • 5 New Features
    • 5.1 Discussion Module
    • 5.2 Announcements
    • 5.3 Wiki Notifications
  • 6 Conclusion

  • Wolfie137 has been promoted to bureaucrat!
  • RudyTheRockstar has been promoted to administrator!
  • Woh0 has been promoted to a content moderator!

  • Anime Toon Urdu has been promoted to a bureaucrat at the Motu Patlu Urdu Wiki!

A Motu Patlu Wiki in Tamil has been established! You can check it out here!

A Motu Patlu Wiki in Bahasa Indonesia has been established! You can check it out here!

This wiki has surpassed 800 pages! The 800th page was Spin Ro…

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Nilraat Nilraat 21 July 2020

Archive: Motupatlucartoon Wiki's Motu Patlu page

Note: This page is one of the pages that was kept from the Motupatlucartoon wiki. It is archived here.

Motu Patlu is a comedy CGI animated television series airing on Nickelodeon. It is adapted from the classic comic strip on Lot Pot. It was premiered on 16 October 2012, beginning with episode "John Banega Don". It focuses on two friends, Motu and Patlu, living in the fictional city Furfuri Nagaria. The director is Suhas Kadav and the theme music composer is Sandesh Shandilya. The producers are Deepa Sahi and Anish JS Mehta. The theme song "Motu Aur Patlu Ki Jodi" is sung by Sukhwinder Singh.[1] Motu Patlu is based on characters created by Kripa Shankar Bhardwaj in 1960s for Lot Pot Magazine. After the success of Season One, Season Two premiere…

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Nilraat Nilraat 18 July 2020

Samosa Gazette; Issue 6; Wiki Appearance, Achievements, and More

Hello, this is the 6th edition of the Samosa Gazette. This issue will adress the recent changes in the wiki. 

  • 1 700 Pages!
  • 2 Wiki Appearance
    • 2.1 Wiki Colo(u)rs
    • 2.2 Wordmark
    • 2.3 Changes to Main Wiki Page
  • 3 Templates
  • 4 Reminder; Username and Staff Changes
  • 5 Introducing; Inspector Chingum!
  • 6 Rules and Regulations
  • 7 New Features!
  • 8 Other News
  • 9 Conclusion

The wiki has reached 700 pages! The 700th page/article was "Tuition Teacher".

The wiki colo(u)rs have been changed again, this time with a dark blue shade. 

The wordmark has been changed! The new wordmark features the Motu Patlu logo, Motu and Patlu's faces, and the word "wiki" in a new font. 

The main wiki page has had a few improvements. There is an explore section, which have some pictures, which when clicked on, tak…

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Nilraat Nilraat 17 July 2020

Archive: Polls

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Nilraat Nilraat 12 July 2020

Samosa Gazette; Issue 5; News, UCP, and More (Part 2)

Hello, this is the second part of Issue 5. This part will assess recent changes to the wiki.

  • 1 New Changes
    • 1.1 Blocked Usernames
  • 2 600 Pages 
  • 3 Staff Changes
  • 4 Rule Reminders
  • 5 UCP (Unified Community Platform)
  • 6 Fun Facts (?)
    • 6.1 Chat
    • 6.2 Wiki Founder

The usernames of blocked users in this wiki will now be italicized and crossed out to signify that they were blocked.

The wiki has reached 600 pages! The 600th page was Kaidee Chingum. 

  • RudyTheRockstar has been promoted to content moderator for assisting in reporting a vandal and contributing to the wiki.
  • GrubbyGrubster005 and his other accounts have decided to leave this wiki. 

A reminder that if an admin is to make a major change to the appearance of the wiki, such as changing the background, header, wiki colo(u)…

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PresidentKhan2005 PresidentKhan2005 10 July 2020



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RudyTheRockstar RudyTheRockstar 8 July 2020

Hi there!

Hey Guyz,
I'm a new user here as well as a chat/discussion moderator. You can call me Rudy! 😁
Recently I joined this Wikia, and I got a chance to be a part of this staff here. It's a great honor for me.
Special thanks to the admins Annoor1234 and GrubbyGrubster005 !
I'll be soon catching up with the leaderboard.
Finishing off this blog here.
Stay Safe & Healthy!

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Nilraat Nilraat 7 July 2020

Samosa Gazette; Issue 5; News, Roles, Rules, and More (Part 1)

Hello. This is the 5th edition of the Samosa Gazette. This Samosa Gazette will assess recent changes to the wiki. This is part one of Issue 5. The other part, which is about the UCP change, will come out soon.

  • 1 Features that Haven't Been Shown Yet
    • 1.1 Back to Top Button
    • 1.2 Floating Toc
  • 2 Moderators
  • 3 Other Stuff
  • 4 Rules
  • 5 Part 2; UCP

Here are some of the new features of the wiki.

Finished reading a long article? You can find the back to top button on the blue taskbar below to automatically scroll back up! This is very useful for the Motu Patlu: King of Kings article as it is one of the longest pages on the wiki.

This feature will allow you to move the table of contents of a page anywhere you'd like in the page! Press the grey button, and voila! 


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Nilraat Nilraat 4 July 2020

Article Archive: Awards (Made by Meeta gautam)

This page is an archived version of the Awards page made by Meeta gautam.

These page is about the awards on Motu Patlu Wiki.

  • 1 Golden Editor of the Wiki Edit
  • 2 Bureaucrat Gem
  • 3 Devoted Admin
  • 4 Vandalization Opposer

Golden Editor of the Wiki is an award that will awarded to the most active user of the wiki. It will be awarded on every month's 1st Day to the best user of the previous month. So gear up to edit the wiki to win the prestigious Golden Editor of the Wiki.

  • Point System
  • 1 Edit = 2 Points
  • 1 Discussion Post = 1 Point
  • 1 Badge = 5 Points

Bureaucrat Gem is an award that is awarded to the past bureaucrats by current bureaucrats or admins. It will awarded to them to respect their contributions to the wiki. It will be given on any day. 

Devoted Admin is a…

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Nilraat Nilraat 27 June 2020

Samosa Gazette; Issue 4; News, Appearance, and More

Hello. This is the fourth issue of the Samosa Gazette. There haven't been much changes to the wiki but this issue will assess the changes that are there.

  • 1 New Wiki Colors
  • 2 Adminship Changes
  • 3 New Rules
  • 4 More Content
  • 5 Transcripts

The wiki's main color is light blue and the links are dark blue.

See this for more information.

If any admin/moderator/bureaucrat want to make a major change to the wiki such as changing the wiki colors, adding a new feature such as chat, etc, they must consult the other admins/moderators/bureaucrats. 

Some of the pages, which were previously blank, have had content added to them.

Many of the episodes now have transcript pages added to them! This means for certain episode pages, you can head over to the transcript page and re…

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Nilraat Nilraat 25 June 2020

Important Announcement: The Goodbye

Hello. I am here to announce that the admin Labrian13 is no longer going to be active in this wiki. They have also been demoted (as requested) and will not be able to block or promote anyone. There are no other announcements. 

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GrubbyGrubster005 GrubbyGrubster005 24 June 2020

Transcript Pages

Hello Everyone,

I am writing to address things that i have in mind.

Firstly, I have discussed with my friend and colleague Annoor1234 that we should now include pages that have dialogues because on YouTube there is an tremendous amound of videos that english subtitles so that is why we decide to include transcripts pages

Remember To Keep Peace And Be Kind  To Others 

Thank You,


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Nilraat Nilraat 20 June 2020

Samosa Gazette; Issue 3; News, New Wikis, Technical Changes, & More

Hello. This is the third issue of the Samosa Gazette. There has been many changes to the wiki recently so this Issue will discuss them all (or most of them)!

  • 1 Changes In Wiki Appearance
    • 1.1 Wiki Header
  • 2 Merging
  • 3 Language Linking and New Wikis
  • 4 Technical Changes
    • 4.1 Profiles
    • 4.2 Link Hovering
  • 5 Other News

The only main change in the Wiki's appearance is that the wiki header has this picture now.

The MotuPatlu and Motupatlucartoons have now been directly incorparated into this wiki. The pages brought over from the Motupatlucartoon wiki are: Motu Patlu: Khazaane ki Race/Gallery , Motu Patlu Magazines , Motu Patlu Toy Line, and Motu Patlu (Motupatlucartoonwiki) (3).

The MotuPatlu wiki did not have any content brought over.

However, please see this for more inf…

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Nilraat Nilraat 18 June 2020

Announcement: Merging Wikis

Note: This process has been completed. Both the MotuPatlu Wiki and Motupatlucartoon Wiki have been incorparated into this wiki. The data for the Motupatlucartoon Wiki has been kept in a separate location. If you want, please contact Nilraat for information regarding this data.

Hello! Recently, there have been some wikis that are also about Motu Patlu. These wikis are very inactive and have had lots of vandalism. Therefore, I have proposed to merge those wikis.

  • 1 The Wikis Being Merged
  • 2 Why the Merge Should Happen 
  • 3 What Will Happen to the Content in the Other Wikis?
  • 4 How Will The Merging Process Happen?
  • 5 Help?

The MotuPatlu Wiki -  This wiki has not been edited for some time and doesn't really have any Motu Patlu content. There is only one page ab…

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Nilraat Nilraat 10 June 2020

Samosa Gazette; Issue 2; Milestones, News, and Other Things

Welcome to the second edition of the Samosa Gazette! This edition will talk about the latest news of the Motu Patlu Wiki and other affiliated wikis.

The wiki has surpassed 500 pages! The 500th page is Jyotishi Motu. The Motu Patlu Hindi Wiki has reached 20 pages as well.

GrubbyGrubster005, one of the current moderators has submitted a request to be given administrator status. I have also submitted a request to be promoted from admin to bureaucrat. 

There are currently no plans to change the wiki's look. Minor changes might be made.

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Nilraat Nilraat 27 May 2020

Announcement: Hindi Version of the Wiki, This Wiki in Other Languages

Hello! Recently, I saw a discussion post asking for an Urdu version of this wiki. It got me thinking about whether any of you would want to see this wiki in a different language. We will start off with a Hindi Wiki here . An Urdu or Bengali version of this wiki would be started soon. 

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Anime Toon Urdu Anime Toon Urdu 8 May 2020

Motu Patlu in Urdu

Motu Patlu in Urdu refer to the Urdu adaption of the Motu Patlu series in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

'The Adventures of Motu Patlu' now in Urdu, known as Motu Patlu in Urdu are the Urdu version of the Motu Patlu series, aired on Wow Kidz Urdu and well as Nickelodeon Pakistan (with same voice as Hindi).

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GrubbyGrubster005 GrubbyGrubster005 4 April 2020


अज्ञात त्रुटि समस्या को ठीक करें

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Wolfie137 Wolfie137 12 November 2019


wot does my pink username mean?

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Wolfie137 Wolfie137 28 September 2019

my great dream

so there was a bunch of characters that came from different universes like everyone came here in one place. who all came - thomas and some of his friends (ttte), horace horrible (candle cove), and some of the motu patlu characters.

we all were having a big swim party and there was also a big castle float for swimming. it was outside a park we all were at and most of the characters had a water squirt tube things and squirting eachother w/ them. koriel and patlu were also having a blast, as patlu kept squirting her w/ water and then a few moments later she pounced on him as they laughed together. horace was splashing water onto the other engines like thomas and duck as they had fun. a few hours later, sunset came in and they all were watching…

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Nilraat Nilraat 22 August 2019

BREAKING NEWS: WOW KIDZ YouTube Channel to have Inspector Chingum! (Samosa Gazette; Issue 1)

I'm going to start a new type of blog post/news article thing called the "Samosa Gazette".  It will contain news for the wiki and the show. This is the first edition. 

  • 1 Main News
    • 1.1 What is Inspector Chingum?
  • 2 Other News
  • 3 Vote

Wow Kidz has recently released a video,  that shows a trailer for "Inspector Chingum". After showing a trailer, it says that it will soon come to the YouTube channel for Wow Kidz. 

Inspector Chingum is a spin-off show of Motu Patlu, which means information about the episodes and characters is most likely going to be in this wiki. The show takes place in a place called "Shantiwood". The main character is Chingum. The animation style is also very different and Chingum's chin is longer than usual. The show isn't new, it has b…

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Stoplaughing Stoplaughing 15 August 2019

About the Sinhalese names

A while back I added some Sinhalese names for characters and placed them in the trivia section for each of their pages, but I never added any proof to it. A few weeks ago I spoke to Chingum's Sinhalese voice actor Anuradha Sigera on Instagram (and it was tricky trying to track him down) and asked him about the names, and he told me this:

And there we have it. The rest of the characters kept their original names for the dub.

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Nilraat Nilraat 31 July 2019

Is Motu Patlu's New Animation Style Good?

Well, I think it makes them look more real.

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Wolfie137 Wolfie137 20 July 2019

my art thing

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Wolfie137 Wolfie137 25 May 2019

chai shop

wots the purpose of the motu patlu chat if no one uses it?

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Wolfie137 Wolfie137 24 May 2019

who should i attempt to draw?

  • motu
  • patlu
  • chingum
  • john
  • chaiwala
  • ghastitaram

(oof idk if anyones gonna answer i is sorry OwO)

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Wolfie137 Wolfie137 14 May 2019


cursed imiges everywhere OwO 


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Wolfie137 Wolfie137 12 May 2019


we need to stop @PokiFries from backing on motu

this is bad *steals motu and runs off into oblivian*

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Wolfie137 Wolfie137 26 April 2019


oooff ik this movie may be low quality but theres a friggin elf i love! he so hott -f**-

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Wolfie137 Wolfie137 17 April 2019

if you all were wondering....

if some of you were wondering in the relations in patlu i kinds have an obsession w/ him in a way. i ship my OC w/ him koriel and yeh... so here's a lil fanfic i didnt finish YET 

(and it is ok for me to do this bc it's better than making stupid killing vids unlike the cringy fangirls. i just think he's cute and really smart.) 

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Wolfie137 Wolfie137 8 February 2019

requests for motu patlu

um... idk i think i might be taking requests for motu patlu just.. for anything, ya know? 

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Wolfie137 Wolfie137 30 January 2019

lol troll

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Shoopdahoop22 Shoopdahoop22 1 June 2018

Motu Patlu Wiki Server

I made a Discord server for this wiki. Would anybody be interested in joining it?

Here is the link:

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Meeta gautam Meeta gautam 15 April 2018

john the robot


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