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Bubblegum is a recurring character in Motu Patlu.


Bubblegum resembles Chingum almost exactly except that Bubblegum's hair and mustache are white due to his age. and Bubblegum's body has slightly more build than Chingum's. He also has more badges than Chingum, as he has a higher rank and more years of service than Chingum. He speaks in a raspy and deep voice and appears to be in his late fifties and is near retirement. He has also built a farm house to live out his years after retirement.

Bubblegum in his off-duty dress.


Bubblegum, like Chingum is a proud police officer who believe no thief can escape from him. He also takes pride in his son. Bubblegum does not like to be referred as "father" by Chingum while on the job, instead telling him to call him "Commissioner." He once recruited Motu and Patlu as havildars, but they troubled him only.


He has the authority of a commissioner and also has a pistol. He has knowledge of firearms and is fit compared to his age.


He can be be-fooled sometimes by Jon. He also is not very skilled in combat.


'Stop! Tume India Ki Kasam, Mother India Ki Kasam!' (Stop! On the behalf of India, Mother India!)

'Chingama'(his chosen nickname for Chingum)


  • It is said that D.I.G Mishra is Bubblegum's boss. Considering that the police ranks in Motu Patlu are based off the Maharashtra police ranks, and a D.I.G (Deputy Inspector General) is equivalent to an Additional Commissioner, Bubblegum is most likely a deputy commissioner of police (DCP) equivalent to a Senior Superintendent. He has two stars on his shoulders, which a DCP also has, which also supports this claim. If this conclusion is false, then the Furfuri Nagar police's hierarchy is different.
  • Bubblegum's voice actor was changed in Season 2 of Motu Patlu.


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