Bunty is a small parrot featured in the Adventures of Motu Patlu and makes his only appearance alongside his friend Bablu in the episode "Bunty Bablu".


He is a small sized Parrot although he is larger than his friend Bablu. His feathers have a nice crimson red to them and along the wings it turns yellow. His wing tips are beautifully colored blue and give him a flamboyant look.

Bunty's beak is large and yellow colored. His eyes are brown, and his feet are also yellow colored as many birds have.


He alongside Bablu are clever and smart parrots. He is able to fool people like Motu into giving them lots of food in return for three wishes and lie and deceive them. He then runs away and laughs at his victims with his friend. After Motu and Patlu saved him and Bablu, his personality changed and he never deceived people again.


He is a small bird and has almost no fighting capabilities against larger predators. Bunty alongside Bablu almost became prey for an eagle had he had not been saved by Motu and Patlu. He also does not get fooled by Jon, the Don and he was able to tell when he was faking his death.