Chotu is a child who is about 5-8 years old. Sometimes his mother drops him to stay with Motu and Patlu.He likes Motu and Patlu and calls them maamoo(uncle).


Chotu is a small Indian boy who usually wears a green shirt and has brown hair. He is quite short compared to the other characters, however, this is because of his young age.


  • Chotu is featured in a Nickolodeon Special, Nick India Dab. In that video, he is the "teacher" of six students, Motu, Patlu, Gattu, Battu, Ninja, and Kenichi. Unlike traditional teachers, Chotu doesn't teach them how to do mathematics, science, history, etc., but he teaches them how to dab. In the end of the video, all the the characters end up dabbing like Chotu.