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Chotu (Hindi: छोटू) is a recurring character in Motu Patlu. He is child who is about 5-8 years old. Sometimes his mother drops him off to stay with Motu and Patlu. He likes Motu and Patlu and calls them mamu (uncle), however, he has been seen calling others "uncle" as well. Chotu's voice has changed in the newer version of Motu Patlu. He is voiced by Saurav Chakraborty.


Chotu is a small Indian boy who usually wears a green shirt and has brown hair. He is quite short compared to the other characters. However, this is because of his young age. Chotu occasionally wears an orange shirt. In Nick India Dab, Chotu describes his clothes as "cool clothes."


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Chotu has been shown to love Motu dearly. He made his mother make samosas so Motu could enjoy them. Chotu cries for his uncle when he is frozen up. He is quite brave, as he has been seen directly confronting Robotus. He has been seen feeding Motu samosas with his own hand. Chotu is also fond of samosas, and like his uncle, shares a love of samosas. Munni even comments on Motu and Chotu's similarities.


Chotu and Motu fly over to some samosas.

Chotu is attracted to samosas like his uncle and will fly to the samosas. It can be presumed that Chotu also gains a lot of strength from samosas. In the movie "Motu Patlu in Wonderland", Chotu managed to freeze some enemy soldiers using a freeze ray. Chotu has been shown to be resourceful when he stopped John and his henchmen from escaping by making them trip on marbles.


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    Chotu is featured in a Nickolodeon Special, Nick India Dab. In that video, he is the "teacher" of six students, Motu, Patlu, Gattu, Battu, Ninja-Kattori, and Kenichi. Unlike traditional teachers, Chotu doesn't teach them how to do mathematics, science, history, etc., but he
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    teaches them how to dab. At the end of the video, all the characters (except Ninja and Kenichi) end up dabbing like Chotu. Nick India Dab has earned Chotu lots of fame.
  • Due to his fame from Nick India Dab, he has often been referred to as "Nick India Dab Kid", or simply "Dab Kid".
  • Chotu knows how to sing; In Motu Patlu in Wonderland, when he was crying about Motu and Patlu being frozen, he sings Motu Aur Patlu Ki Jodi. Nick India Dab also features him singing.
  • He owns a pet mouse named Mickey.
  • He usually calls Motu Motu Mamu (uncle), and Patlu Patlu Mamu (uncle).
  • Even though Chotu is too young to drive, he owns a car, as seen in Chotu Ki Car. The car looks like a real car, but it isn't though.

Name in Other Languages

Language Name (Chotu)
English Chotu
Hindi छोटू
Urdu چھوٹو
Bengali ছোটু
Gujarati છોટુ


Chotu while sick.

Chotu celebrates winning his school project about dinosaurs. The dinosaurs behind him are Motu and Patlu.