He is a middle aged man and boss of Bubblegum. He is a wise and kind man as even when Motu and Patlu arrested him accidentally he forgave them whereas Bubblegum wanted to fire at them at that time.


Unlike Chingum and Bubblegum he is not proud and respects everybody.


It is said that D.I.G Mishra is Bubblegum's boss. Considering that the police ranks in Motu Patlu are based off the Maharashtra police ranks, and a D.I.G is equivalent to an Additional Commissioner, Bubblegum is most likely a deputy commissioner of police (DCP) equivalent to a Senior Superindent. He has two stars on his shoulders, which a DCP also has, which also supports this claim. If this conclusion is false, then the Furfuri Nagar police's hierarchy is different.


  • He wears a police uniform and has a mustache.
  • T.S Shetty is written on his nameplate.