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Dr. Jhatka comes up with an idea

Dr. Jhatka and Ghasitaram take a selfie together

Dr. Jhatka (Hindi: डॉ. झाटका) is a scientist who resides in Furfuri Nagar. He owns a laboratory where he usually creates new gadgets.

He likes to find guinea pigs for his experiments and Motu usually becomes one. Ghasitaram also works with him in the lab as an assistant and co-worker. He is also a PhD doctor but does not treat his patients well so they run away from him.

Mostly Motu or Patlu land in trouble due to his gadgets. He then has to make an antidote for them. Motu calls him Bare Bhaiya (which means "brother"). He also has a flying car. He gives his gadgets to Motu and Patlu (or various uses), Chingum (to arrest criminals), and the army (to help them fight better). He is voiced by Saurav Chakraborty, although he was initially voiced by Omi Sharma.

He was touring European countries such as Italy, France, UK, Switzerland, Germany, Russia, Albania, etc...

Nowadays he is Touring All over India. He is shown in Taj Mahal, Gateway of India, Tea estates of Assam, Kerala Backwaters, Hawa Mahal, Qutub Minar, Victoria Memorial, etc...

He has a sister who lives in Agra. She comes in the episode Missing Dog (Indian Tour)


Jhatka has a receding hairline, he wears a green shirt, violet necktie, blue jeans and brown shoes with olive straps. He is in his mid-to-late forties.

In the newer episodes of Motu Patlu, he wears a violet shirt, a yellow shirt, a green tie, and brown pants.


Dr. Jhatka is a generous and helpful person who also knows English. He can get angry when Motu messes with his experiments. He is also wise and logical but not as much as Patlu. Though he is a good friend of Motu and Patlu, his bond of friendship is not strong enough, and when Motu and Patlu land in trouble with the law, he will not help them. Dr. Jhatka is also quite religious as he applies "oppor wale" into many things he says. He also had Motu Patlu pray in "Pilot Training" when they were in danger. He often forgets his wide inventory of things which he carries with him on important missions and often gets beaten up by Motu, Patlu, Chingum, and Ghasitaram for this. Dr. Jhatka deeply values science, considering nothing else to be bigger and greater than science.

Powers and Abilities

He makes gadgets which help him to fight enemies. He is also a wise and logical person.


He does not know any hand to hand combat. He can also be be-fooled sometimes. In Duplicate Patlu, he beat his foolish patient because of their stupidity. His inventions can also be used against him and his friends.



Dr. Jhatka and Ghasitaram are very close. They have been seen to work together in competitions. Ghasitaram and Dr. Jhatka work together in his lab. Ghasitaram often helps Dr. Jhatka by using his charisma and acting skills to convince Motu to try one of Dr. Jhatka's inventions.


  • His design is a parallel version of Motu's.
  • He has a sister named Mamata who lives in Agra.
  • Dr. Jhatka's way of talking is like a sardar, as a result he is referred to as Punjabi.
  • In the episode Dr. Jhatka ke Dadaji, it was revealed that he was named after his grandfather.
  • According to Chamatkari Chasma, Dr. Jhatka's ancestors loved collecting glasses.

    Dr. Jhatka in the newer episodes of Motu Patlu.

  • In the early episodes of season one, Dr. Jhatka used to be a dentist, albeit a bad one, and he had his own clinic for his dental work. This concept was dropped from the show as it went on, leaving him only to be a scientist from now on. 
  • In the episode Jadoogar Phislekar Ka Bungalow, he tells Motu that people used to call him “Munna” in his childhood days. Munna means “baby” in Hindi. 
  • In the episode Jhatka ki Shaadi, Dr. Jhatka is revealed to be marrying someone named Ritika. However, Ritika is not seen in the episode or any other episode. As it was never shown whether he made it to the wedding, it is unknown whether they actually managed to get married.


In Furfuri Nagar, he lives in a big house.

When Furfuri Nagar gets transformed into New Modern City his house is unknown

When they shift to New Modern City he buys a flat in Furfuri Apartment and lives in it.

During their tour to Europe, they stayed at hotels.

During Indian tour

At Agra - His Sister Mamata's home

At Kerala - Chingum's Parents house

Rest all they stay at Hotels.


Furfuri Nagar - He has a very small lab.

New Furfuri Nagar - He has a medium sized lab with a big telescope

New Modern City - He has a very big lab with a big telescope



  1. "Mere pai mere yaar" (My brother, My pal)
  2. "Maar suttiya pappar wale noo" (Oh no!)
  3. "Yaareen" (Dude)
  4. "May all the bitter medicines fall into your mouth"


  1. Ada yen uyir nanba udan pirava sagothara (My best friend, my brother who wasn't born with me)

Name in Other Languages

Language Name (Dr. Jhatka)
English Dr. Jhatka
Hindi डॉ. झाटका
Bengali ডাঃ. ঝাটকা
Gujarati ડો. ઝાટકા