Dr.Jhatka comes up with an idea

Dr.Jhatka comes up with an idea


Dr. Jhatka is a scientist who lives in Furfuri Nagar. He has a lab and works on and makes gadgets in it.

He likes to find guinea pigs for his experiments and Motu usually becomes one. Ghasitaram also works with him in the lab. He is also a PhD doctor but does not treat his patients well so they run away from him.

Mostly Motu or Patlu land in trouble due to his gadgets. He then has to make an antidote for them. Motu calls him Bare Bhaiya (whuch means "brother"). He also has a flying car. He gives his gadgets to Motu and Patlu (or various uses), Chingum (to arrest criminals), and the army (to help them fight better).


Jhatka has a receding hairline, green shirt, violet necktie, blue jeans and brown shoes with olive straps. His design is a parallel version of Motu's. He is in his mid-to-late forties.


Dr. Jhatka is a friendly and helpful person who also knows English. He can get angry when Motu messes with his experiments. He is also wise and logical but not as much as Patlu. Though he is a good friend of Motu and Patlu, his bond of friendship is not strong enough and when Motu and Patlu land in trouble with the law, he will not help them.

Powers and Abilities

He makes gadgets which help him to fight enemies. He is also wise and logical.


He does not know any hand to hand combat. He can also be be-fooled sometimes. In Duplicate Patlu he beat his foolish patient because of there stupidity.


  • Dr. Jhatka's talking style is like a sardar, so he is referred to as Punjabi.
  • In the episode Dr. Jhatka ke Dadaji, it is revealed that he was named after his grandfather.


"Mere pai mere yaar" (My brother, My pal)

"Maar suttiya pappar wale noo" (oh no!)

"Yaareen" (Dude)


Dr.Jhatka Frightened

Dr.Jhatka Frightened


Dr. Jhatka doing an Experiment