Dr. Jhatka's Lab is a fairly large sized laboratory and is a place where Dr. Jhatka and Ghasitaram do their experiments and research. The laboratory is also the residence of Dr. Jhatka.

It is a bit far from Motu's house. Ghasitaram often stays with Dr. Jhatka for the day and they do experiments.It also acts as Dr. Jhatka's home. Next to the front door is his lab area where various chemicals are. Motu and Patlu often visit this place to get a gadget from Dr.Jhatka. There is a CCTV Camera outside. It has a Smart Security System.


The lab contains what most typical science laboratories have; with shelves of books throughout the room. The books are filled with all kinds of information from biology to mathematics. A skeleton, globe, map of India, the picture of Mahatama Gandhi and chalkboard are also prominent inside. On Dr. Jhatka's lab desk lie bottles and jars of solutions and potions.


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