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Dr Jhatka's Flying Car is Dr Jhatka's invention and his car that he uses on for multiple purposes on multiple occasions. It is featured in multiple episodes in Motu Patlu. The car contains very complex buttons and switches that only Dr Jhatka fully masters.



At drive mode, it looks like a classic and expensive vintage car. The car is painted in a nice golden yellow that reflects and shines in the sun. At the back of the car, a large black rear wing is installed for better aerodynamics on both land and air. During the flying mode, the car sports out airplane wings with turboprop propellers on each side. At the back, the car extends farther with an airplane tail to give it a longer and balanced aerodynamic design.


Dr Jhatka's car features manual transmission on driving and gears must constantly be shifted. A clutch pedal is underneath alongside the brakes and gas pedal.The steering wheel is on the right handed as India a left side of the road driving country. In the dashboard lies the gas and speed gauge as well as random buttons that only Dr. Jhatka knows.