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Fakebook is a social media website in Motu Patlu. It appears in Flying Helmet.


Flying Helmet

John is seen looking at Motu's Fakebook page for a few seconds before switching to a camera which spies on Motu.

New Compilation 78

In one of the newer episodes of Motu Patlu, Motu's Fakebook page can be seen in Dr. Jhatka's lab.

Fakebook as seen in New Compilation 78.

Known Fakebook Pages

Motu's Fakebook Page

Motu's Fakebook page reveals many facts about Motu, such as the fact that his birthday is February 31. He is shown to have 420 friends, including Dr. Jhatka, Ghasitaram, Patlu, and Chaiwala. There are many photos of samosas. It also states that Motu studied at Furfuriya University.

Other Fakebook Pages

As Motu's Fakebook page is only shown, it is unknown what the other Fakebook pages look like.


  • Fakebook is a parody of Facebook, hence the layout, text, and, color.
  • Fakebook is most likely the most popular form of social media in Motu Patlu.
  • It is unknown whether Fakebook also had an UI change like Facebook.


John looks at Motu's Fakebook page.

John using Fakebook.