He is a brightly pink colored and very clever flamingo that makes his only appearance in the episode Humpty Dumpty in The Adventures of Motu Patlu.


His feathers come in bright fuchsia pink look, and they cover all throughout his body. His eyes have green irises and his beak is typical of most flamingos, having a curved end to it. Meanwhile his feet have a darker jasmine pink color to them. This flamingo is a fairly sized bird, is a few feet shorter than Motu and Patlu's height when standing. His wings are large and flamboyant enough to make him fly.


This flamingo is very clever and was able for the most part, trick Motu's gang, the dogs, and the 2 bowmen, into taking Humpty Dumpty away. We know that this flamingo has younger offspring because he says he will bring Humpty Dumpty for supper for his children. This flamingo is also very brave, not afraid of facing one on one with Patlu in a fight.


Although he successfully drove off and beat Patlu from trying to snatch Humpty Dumpty, he gave up his pursuit over the egg after multiples characters were chasing him, thus making his weakness with fighting with large groups.