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Flying Dinosaur, named Chotu by Patlu is a small young flying dinosaur that makes his only appearance in the episode "Baby Dinosaur"


He is more like a dragon than dinosaur, as he has wings that he hatched with and can fly with them. He is lime green colored and has a white under belly. His neck is very thin in proportion to the size of his head and body.

His eyes are white colored with black pupils and on his head lies tufts of green hair. Similar to a dragon, he can breathe very hot fire.

As he grows larger, he becomes taller than Motu and Patlu. His wings grow in size as well as his body.


Since Chotu is a dinosaur, he has to eat a very large amount to keep growing. Once he ate all the samosas, he started eating inedible objects like chairs, beds, radios, and soon Motu Patlu's house becomes empty of furniture from Chotu's uncontrollable hunger.