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Furfuri Nagariya (Hindi: फुरफुरी नगरीया), commonly referred to as Furfuri Nagar, is a fictional town where Motu Patlu takes place and the other characters reside. It also has few neighboring towns like Sursuri Nagar, Kamalpur, and Modern City. The town hosts international competitions every once in a while.


Furfuri Nagar can immediately be identified by its main entrance, a prominent gate made of marble. The gate has a symbol of a waterlily, implying that the city is represented by said flower. The gate reads: Welcome to Furfuri Nagar. . Furfuri Nagar also has some jagirs (lands) around it. The town also has a police force and a security force for special buildings/occasions.

The town is mostly a peaceful area with no problems except occasional burglary by John and other problems sometimes.

Map of Furfuri Nagariya.png

The decisions are taken by the mayor and the Mantri Ji (minister).


The series is premised in a fictional town of Furfuri Nagar in India.[7] Furfuri Nagar is a peaceful yet fascinating Indian small town, simultaneously noble and squalid, adjoined by a river with a few shops, a large market area, a bus depot, a cluster of single-story houses, temples, and a few recreational places. There are a few villages and few neighboring towns shown in the series, like Kamalpur, Sursuri Nagar, and Modern City. Despite being a small town it has its own airport. It is not clearly mentioned where the town is actually located in India.


Furfuri Nagar is known to be a diverse town, with religious groups such as Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, etc, living together peacefully.

Notable locations in Furfuri Nagar


  • It is speculated that following Motu Patlu's redesign, Furfuri Nagar and Modern City were canonically merged into an upgraded version of Modern City. This can be backed up with the fact that almost every episode (besides the ones that take place in Europe or the rest of India) take place in Modern City.
  • The residents of the town are known as Furfurinagarites. This information is revealed in the YouTube description for the episode “Duplicate Patlu”.
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  • Oddly, Furfuri Nagar appears to have its own currency, or at least a unique design of the Indian rupee exclusive to the city, which depicts the entrance arch of the town. This currency has the same symbol as the rupee (₹).
  • There is speculation that Furfuri Nagar is located in the Indian state of Maharashtra. This speculation is based on the license plates, that contain MH, standing for Maharashtra, and the police uniform of the Furfuri Nagar police force, that wear the same clothing as the Maharashtra police. However, in the episode Lost Island, when Motu and friends sail back to India, their destination, Furfuri Nagar, is
    Furfuri Nagar is in South India.png
    shown to be located in Southern India. However, in the Cosmos-Maya website, Furfuri Nagar is stated to be located in Northern India. In the Nick India website, Furfuri Nagar is stated to be in the "heartland" of India.
  • The theme song of Furfuri Nagar is "Furfuri Nagariya", which plays sometimes in Motu Patlu.
  • Furfuri Nagar is shown to have massive traffic jams.
  • It does not normally snow in Furfuri Nagar. The only reason it snows is due to climate change.

Name in Other Languages

Language Name (Furfuri Nagar)
English Furfuri Nagar
Hindi फुरफुरी नागर
Urdu فرفوری نگر
Bengali ফুরফুরী নাগর
Gujarati ફુરફુરી નાગર


In 2018, Nickelodeon started releasing episodes in which Furfuri Nagar had become more modernized.

In 2019, Nickelodeon started releasing episodes in which Furfuri Nagar becomes even more modernized.