Furfuri Nagar is the area where Motu Patlu takes place and where the main characters of Motu Patlu live. It also has few neighbouring towns like Sursuri Nagar, Kamalpur and Modern City. The towns host international competitions.


Furfuri Nagar also has some jagirs (lands) around it, which are ruled by local Rajas (Kings) and Ranis (Queens). The town also has a police force and a security force for special buildings/occasions.

The town is mostly a peaceful area with no problems except occasional burglary by Jon and other problems sometimes.

The decisions are taken by the mayor and the Mantri Ji (minister). The theme song of Furfuri Nagar is "Furfuri Nagariya", which plays sometimes in Motu Patlu.


The series is premised in a fictional town of Furfuri Nagar in India.[7] Furfuri Nagar is a peaceful yet glamorous Indian small town, simultaneously noble and squalid, adjoined by a river with a few shops, a large market area, a bus depot, a cluster of single-storeyed houses, temples and a few recreational places. There are a few villages and few neighbouring town shown in the series, like Kamalpur, Sursuri Nagar and Modern City. Despite being a small town it has its own airport. It is not clearly mentioned where the town is actually located in India, but most of the vehicles carry plate numbers starting with MH, which stands for the state of Maharashtra. The police force of the town wears uniforms of the Maharashtra Police.

Notable locations in Furfuri Nagar


  • The residents of the town are known as Furfurinagarites. This information is revealed in the description for the episode “Duplicate Patlu”, written by Wow Kidz.


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