Chingum police station

This is the official and local police station of Furfuri Nagar. All criminals are dealt with and handled over there including Jon, Jon's Goons, thieves and other criminals.



This station has a bronze bust of Inspector Chingum's outside it. Small bricks line the bust with flowers growing around it for scenery. It has a sign in Hindi written "Furfuri Nagar Police Station" and steps lead up to the entrance. The station has 2 floors and the outside walls are painted dark grey. There are saloon doors that allow entrance and exit to the inside of the station.


Inside the station, It also has a table where Chingum sits and receive his telephone calls. There is a cup of pens and a office chair for Chingum to sit and do his work. His halvidars are seen standing by his desk and ready for his assistance. The station has benches for people to wait on as well as a small jail cell. The jail cell has a lock to it and this is where Jon, Number 1, and Number 2 are usually locked up in.
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