He is the rider and mahout of the elusive white elephant Gajraj. He alongside Gajraj and the other robbers makes his only appearance in the episode Safed Hathi. Sometimes he also takes on roles of other characters in other episodes. He is a man who talks in a South Indian accent and is most likely from Tamil Nadu.


A man who actually comes middle class background, he pretends to be a very poor man by wearing ripped and tattered clothes. He wears a blue head band around his head to secretly show his allegiance to the other robbers. He has a well trimmed handle bar mustache with a full facial beard to cover his jaw. On his ears, he wears gold like earrings and shows some of his secret wealth.

In the episode, the mahout wears a olive green shirt with grayish blue joggers shorts. To top it off, he wears simple black rubber slippers on his feet.


He has a duplicate personality, in public he acts as a public attraction figure and tries to distract people with his elephant.. He makes fun of Motu when Gajraj beats him up although he seems to cruely mistreat his elephant as well at the same time. Furthermore, he has the personality of any other robber. He just wants money and to commit crime.


He is strong compared to an average person and can put up small resistance with weak Motu although he stands no chance against a fist fight with Motu when he eats samosas. He also loses to the cleverness of Patlu.