Glass Alien is a powerful alien made of glass that makes his only appearance in the episode Glass Man Alien. He went into conflict with Motu and Patlu before eventually forgiving them for their actions.


Glass Alien is a very bulky and solid built alien and his body is consisted mostly of hard material glass. His glass body is very strong and durable and is almost impossible to damage and shatter, only the strongest of forces can lay cracks on it. Glass Alien's body has a blue luster and shine to it like a diamond. His head is shaped like a pentagon with two green antennas. Glass Alien's eyes have olive corneas and hazel colored irises.

Meanwhile Glass Alien's arms and legs are not made of glass but are green like other aliens, most likely consisting of flesh. On his arm is a bracelet for communication.


Glass Alien is generally well tempered, but if he gets bothered or attacked he will surely put his wrath on others. He put this wrath on Motu and Patlu after his spaceship was destroyed accidentally by Dr. Jhatka and would not leave them alone until he finally was beat.


He loses to Motu's samosa power, once Motu ate Samosas, he was powerful enough where he punched and shattered Glass Alien into pieces. Even though he eventually pieced back together, Glass Alien can not defeat Motu with samosa power.