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Guddu the Great is a Motu Patlu spin-off series based on Guddu the Circus Lion from Motu Patlu: King of Kings. It came on Amazon Prime Video in January 2019. The show is in its second season. All the other characters mentioned in this show are from Motu Patlu: King of Kings.The show came on Disney Channel on 22 May 2020, and this information can be found on Wow Kidz's video of it.


Note: This description comes from Amazon Prime Video.

Guddu - The lion and his friends who run a circus in an all animal world. Solo Motive of Guddu’s life is to entertain everyone. His team includes Veeru: the rhino, Ballu: the elephant, Bunty and Bubli: the flamingo couple, 3 monkeys: Chugli, Gugly and Ugli, Jiru: the giraffe, Honey aunty: the bear. The billionaire cat Billauri and The Goon Buffalo Kallu has enmity with Guddu but he always defeats him.

Season 3

Note: It is speculated, so it might or might not come.

Since Guddu The Great is another show that is popular in the Motu Patlu franchise, it is speculated that it might have a Season 3 as well, and it might have 40+ episodes, since Season 1 has 26, and Season 2 has 38.


# Title (Season 1)
1 The Ring
2 Guddu Ka Duplicate
3 Khushi Nagar
4 Kaanta Laga
5 Mann Ki Baat
6 Fan No. 1
7 Yaaron Ka Yaar
8 Jhatpat Times
9 Ballu Da Sapna
10 Guddu Ka Roar
11 Asli Chugli Nakli Chugli
12 Guddu Autobot
13 Guddu The Film Star
14 Guddu Ka Bhoot
15 Baallloooo
16 Chalak Bhediye
17 Kaka Ki Gufa
18 Jungle Mein Dangal
19 Jaise Ko Taisa
20 Babysitting
21 Nache Bhediye
22 Raja Babu
23 Hippo Wrestling Championship
24 Kung Fu King Guddu
25 Memory Loss
26 Pandanagar Ka Raja
# Title (Season 2)
1 Mahakaay Billauri 
2 Chho Mantar
3 Guddu Ban Gaya Raja
4 Tail Ka Khel
5 Adla Badli
6 Cactus Land
7 Home Sweet Home
8 Chitthi Ayi Hai
9 Guddu ke Chacha Ji
10 Jalrani Ka Diamond
11 I am the King
12 The Magical Broom
13 Fan ke Kuch Bhi Karega
14 Magical Locket
15 Jadugar Zebo
16 Mayor's Package
17 Aliens in the City
18 Valley of Dinosaurs
19 No Diwali
20 Rain Cloud Attack
21 Gin Gin Tara
22 Ballu Da Kidnap
23 Guddu In Antarctica
24 Hawa Hawaii
25 Guddu's Cafe
26 Special Circus Performance
27 Rahasyamay Painting
28 Akad Gaye Pair
29 Heeru In Danger
30 Khushiyon Ki Delivery
31 Money Ka Baby
32 Toy Guddu
33 Danger Ring Master
34 Bhagam Bhaag
35 Guddu Ki Biography
36 Panda Ka Exhibition
37 Lilly Put World
38 Mobile Madness


The show's duration with all the episodes is 23 mins. approx. The longest episode that could be found on the Prime Video website was 22 mins. approx. which means that the average duration of the second season was 27 mins. approx. Season 1 all episodes were of 20 approx but season 2 some episodes were of 10 mins according to Zee5.


  • Although the characters are all from Motu Patlu: King of Kings, Narasimha, his crew, or any other humans aren't in the show due to the fact all the characters are in is an all animal world.
  • The Donthers weren't in the show because these were brought by Narasimha, and his gang.
  • Season 2 is not on the Prime Video website because it is still not approved by Amazon the owner, or they were Disney Channel episodes of the show and on Zee5 also.

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