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Humpty Dumpty is a fictional character in an English nursery rhyme, he makes his special debut in the episode Humpty Dumpty where he gets turned into life by Motu from a special gadget of Dr. Jhatka; allowing cartoon characters to turn into life.


He has a round spherical shaped egg body, with his complexion similar to a hen's egg. However he shares facial characteristics of a human with eyes, nose, eyebrows, and a mouth with teeth. His eye color is black as well as his eyebrows.

Humpty wears old type medievel Robin Hood type veest and clothes, that comes in 3 color complexions, Orange, lime green, and olive green which stand him out. He also wears orange red leggings typical of medivel times.


He seems very quiet and lost, all he wants to do is go back to his home in the story, and once he does he thanks Motu and Patlu, otherwise he is very angry and confused why he came in Furfuri Nagar in the first place.


Since he is an egg, his outer shell is very dainty and can easily crack, this is why he keeps running from the dogs, Chaiwala, and Motu's gang because he is afraid he will crack into an omelette.