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Inspector Chingum is a spin-off show of Motu Patlu. The show premiered on

Amazon Prime Video in India on April 27, 2018, and was then picked up by Disney Hungama on April 29, 2019. It is created and produced by Cosmos Maya.

Two seasons have been released, with each of them having 26 episodes.


Inspector Chingum is about Chingum relocating to Shantiwood where he's in charge of the city's police station. He is joined with Hera and Pheri, along with other friends, to go fight criminals and stop No Baal, the main antagonist of the show who owns the Crime University.

Each episode contains one musical number by Superstar Chocolate, a supporting character. The songs are sometimes used to help move the episode plots such as defeating villains.

The description for Inspector Chingum as seen in the Cosmos-Maya website.


Episode No. Name of episode (Season 1)
1 Aakhri Raavan
2 5 Star Robber
3 Moving Paintings
4 Football Mein Golmaal
5 Rusty Gayab
6 Bozo Or Zobo
7 Invisible Man (Inspector Chingum)
8 Kohinoor Heera
9 Unstoppable Train
10 Speedo
11 Crying Bird
12 Sapera
13 Helicopter Ride
14 Robin Hooda
15 Bhool Gava Sub Kuch
16 Bade Chhote
17 Bhopu Topu
18 Robot Statue
19 Sukdu Pehlwan
20 Bubbly Bubbly Boo
21 Belt Trouble
22 Superstar Chocolate ka Kidnap
23 Bike Out of Control
24 Mad Hammer
25 Monkey Training
26 Hera ki Shaadi
Episode No. Name of episode (Season 2)
27 Chorepati Chor
28 Horse Patrolling
29 Hasna Mana Hai
30 Happy Birthday Chingum
31 Golden Pearl
32 Transmit
33 Asli Nakli
34 Shadow Control
35 Sticky Car
36 Laughing Chingum
37 Santa in Trouble
38 Dinogame
39 Sumo Sossa
40 Shantiwood Ki Happy Diwali
41 Chicken Toofani
42 Holi Hai Bhai Holi Hai (Inspector Chingum)
43 Chingum ka Daar
44 Dragon Kite
45 Donation Box
46 Robotic Bat
47 Dragon Attack
48 Khabrilal Ka Brain Damage
49 Maharaja Chingum
50 Dil Dimag Pe Bhari
51 Alien Story
52 Tel Ka Khel


  • Inspector Chingum premiered on the Wow Kidz YouTube channel on Spetember 2, 2019.
  • The show is renamed Inspector Lucky in the Sinhalese dub because of Chingum's name change in the Sri Lanka localization.
  • The font used for the logo is the same font used for SpongeBob SquarePants.