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John’s Aunt is a recurring antagonist in Motu Patlu. Being presented as an annoying yet abusive relative at first, her latest appearance revealed her being responsible for making John into a criminal. 


She is one of John’s only living relatives, besides his brothers. She doesn’t live in Furfuri Nagar, but where she resides or works at is unknown. 


John's aunt is shown to be very loud-tempered and shouts at anyone who annoys her. In "Motu ki Mausi VS John ki Mausi", it is shown that she cares about John and said that she promised to John's mother that she would make John into a don. She shouts at Chingum, Motu, and Patlu for preventing John from committing crime. John's Aunt is also cruel, as she says that she has ruined many people's lives. John's Aunt is shown to be cowardly as well, quickly leaving the jungle without John when she is defeated by Motu's "Aunt" (Patlu).

Powers and Abilities

John's aunt has a very big temper, which can even scare Chingum.

In Khazaane Ki Race only, she carried a purple umbrella with her, and she used it as a shield to protect herself and others from John’s sneezes while he was sick, uses the front and back handle of it to smack people whenever she gets mad, and can use it at to float and travel in the air to try to get away from her current location. She can also engulf herself in flames for a few seconds when she becomes too upset, and can blow people back a couple of feet off the ground with her powerful breath as well. In her next and current latest appearances, she no longer carries her umbrella, so she instead punches and slaps people. 

When John's aunt is very angry/annoyed, her words can be seen and can turn into a weapon. She can also use her voice to make a hurricane-like wind.


According to the credits of Khazaane ki Race, she is voiced by Toosi Sinha and is referred to as "Mausi".

John's aunt releases some words.

The words fly to Motu and Patlu.

The words turn into an arrow, ready to strike Motu and Patlu.


At the credits of Motu Patlu: Khazaane Ki Race, you can find this drawing of John's aunt along with other drawings.

John's aunt as a flight attendant in "John's Airline".

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