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"John Banega Don" also named "John the Don" is the first episode of Motu Patlu. It aired along with Pilot Training.


The episode begins with a tour of Furfuri Nagar. It then shows Motu walking to the Tea Stall while saying that his grandfather taught him that one cannot think without a full stomach. Motu then starts eating samosa and he is introduced, along with Patlu. Motu says that there is a person to get the ripped note, John. He gets introduced and Motu and Patlu sees the red bag with 10 crores rupees. After that Chingum comes and gives them a 1 crore rupees check. They fight with each other and thus the check is ripped into half. This shows that Motu and Patlu are really friends. 


  • This episode is one of the very few episodes of Motu Patlu to have an English dub.
  • Motu reveals that his grandfather taught him that one cannot think on an empty stomach.
  • Chingum's ability to shoot at the sky to get coconuts is revealed.
  • Motu, Patlu, Chingum, Number 1, Number 2, Chaiwala, The Vegetable Lady, and John were introduced in this episode.


This is the transcript of the episode John Banega Don; John Banega Don/Transcript.


In English, John Banega Don means "John the Don".

Name in Other Languages

Language Name
English John the Don
Hindi जॉन बानेगा डॉन
Bengali জোন বানেগা ডোন
Gujarati જોન બનેગા ડોન



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Motu gets introduced

Patlu gets introduced