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" Aab mere danth to dhekho!" (Now look at my teeth!)

"Mere paas heere haa, motee haa, sona chand haa, ghariya haa, bangla bhi haa."(I own diamonds, pearls, gold. cars, and a large bangla.)


He is a wealthy millionaire and elder brother of John. He is also criminal goon although he had much more success and is significantly wealthier than Jon. He is similar to Jon in appearance but has combed and shorter hair as well a full beard. He is about 30-40 years of age although he makes his appearance look young as possible.

Johnny wears a black suit with black dress pants. Around his neck, he wears a gold chain necklace. His glasses are gold as well as his ear rings. Every finger in his hands is covered with jeweled rings.


Johnny is a very arrogant man who often boasts of his wealth and success in the criminal life. He likes to make fun of Jon by showing off his inventory and riches. He looks down upon Number 1 and 2 and compares them to his own body guard.

However, Johnny has some sympathy for his brother and tried helping him out by getting rid of Motu and Patlu by handing him his itch spray. This itch spray makes people feel itchy non stop and created a problem for Motu and Patlu.


Johnny is a very rich man and good at using gadgets although just like Jon but is not strong and gets beaten in physical fights from Motu. He often relies on his Body Guard for simple acts.