Johnny's Body Guard is the bodyguard of Jon's brother Johnny. Like Johnny, he makes his only appearance in the episode.


Johnny's body guard has a mustache and small beard. His hair is tightened into a tight bun. He is exceptionally tall at a height of 6 feet. Compared to Number 1 and Number 2, he has wide chest with powerful abdominal muscles. He has large and protruding biceps on his arms possibly from working out. His arms have small patches of hair growing along the length of his arms.

The body guard wears a crimson red short sleeved shirt that fits tight enough around his body frame. He wears a tight salwar pants with his shirt. His shoes are brown dress shoes. On his head, he wears black sunglasses and has a bindi dot on his forehead.


He is very quiet and never talks throughout the episode. What is known is that he enjoys serving his boss Johnny. He is very loyal to him and helps him in simple acts such as opening the limo door or standing him up.