Kala Murga or Kaloo is the pet rooster of Chaiwala and helped him extract money from those who did not pay him. He makes his only appearance in the episode "Shaitan Murga."


He is black feathered and small sized rooster that looks weak at first glance but actually is very powerful. He has a large dark red comb on his head with and a waddle underneath his beak. His feathers have a grayish black appearance and are darker near his neck.

His tail feathers are long and large while his yellow colored feet are equipped with sharp talons. He crows exceptionally loud.


Kaloo is a very loyal rooster and sincere companion of Chaiwala. He is similar to mercenary in that, he always wants to be rewarded from his actions and demands a large amount of seeds and wheat to eat. This in turn makes Chaiwala lose much of his revenue.

Kaloo viciously attacks thiefs and liars by pecking at them with his beak and clawing them with his sharp talons. He is a fighting type rooster after all.


Since Kaloo is such fond of food, he will join any one's side if they feed him food. Kaloo will follow the trails of seeds and will join his allegiance to who feeds him. Since Chaiwala wasn't able to feed him too much, Jon, the Don was able to convert Kaloo to his side by feeding him large heaps of grain pellets and used him to rob the banks of Furfuri Nagar.