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Kuber Singh is a rich man who is the paternal uncle of Motu as he refers to him as "Chacha Gi". He is very wealthy and lives an extremely lavish and luxurious lifestyle. He makes his only appearance in the episode 'Rupiya Dus Karod'.


He wears a black undershirt shirt, a light blue tie, and a mahogany colored suit. He wears round circular shaped glasses and he rarely meets Motu and lives outside Furfuri Nagar.

He is an aged man in his late sixties to early seventies. He is similar to Motu in that he is partially bald and has white hair growing on the back although he has it professionally cut short. He has a white beard that is shaved along the sides. He is also taller in height than Motu and almost on ptr with Patlu.


He takes a role of a fatherly figure to both Motu and Patlu in that he wants them to learn lessons of life. He gave them 10 crore rupees so they learn about excessive money and how to deal with it. Unlike Dada Jhatka, he seems to still have an active lifestyle as he is not as old.


Both Patlu's uncle, Dada Jhatka, and Kuber Singh happen to be extremely rich.