Makdi Rani or Spider Queen is the queen of spiders in Furfuri Nagar and makes her only appearance in the episode "Makdi Ka Jala." The Queen and her Spiders get angry at Motu and Patlu for breaking their webs and attack Furfuri Nagar.


Compared to other Spiders, she is the largest in size. Her skin is dark purple colored as well as her eyes and lips. On her head, she wears a golden colored tiara on top of her head. A lighter purple patch lies on her back.

Like real spiders, she has 8 legs with 4 on each side. However, she only has 2 eyes instead of the 8-12 eyes most spider species have.


Makdi Rani is generally good tempered and has a humorous personality as she joked with Motu and Patlu about them becoming spiders forever. She values hard work and gets angry whenever people disturb and destroy her colony's webs. When she is angry, she turns her enemy into spiders and make them learn their mistakes.

Powers and abilities

  • .She can turn people into spiders and turn them back.
  • She can spit silk and trap people with spider webs


She has only one known weakness, she can get laughed from jokes to easily to the point where she cant stop laughing for a while.