the mayor of Furfuri Nagar is the mayor of furfuri nagar, he features in a few episodes in Motu Patlu and is present in various competitions. He is a man in his late 50's to early 60's.


He wears a olive green suit with a white buttoned sleeved shirt underneath. His bow tie has a darker greenish hue and is neatly tied. The mayor wears matching green dress pants with his green suit and wears a cloth band written "Mayor" on it.

His hair is gray from older age and stress while his eyes are green to match his suit outfit. His skin complexion is light and similar to Motu's.


The Mayor of Furfuri Nagar is proud of his residents always participating in any event. he encouraged Motu and Patlu's cake during the "Cake Competition" episode.



  • In other episodes of Motu Patlu, the Mayor's hair is black. This may be due to him coloring his hair due to old age.


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