Meteor Aliens are small rock-shaped aliens from outer space and have a physical resemblance to meteors, thus giving their name. They make their only appearance in the episode "Meteor Alien Attack".


They are spherically shaped, like a round ball. They have small little craters on their body and look like little craters on the moon. Their body is purple-colored and they have a cap on top of their head that resembles the shape of an upside funnel.

Oddly, the arms and legs of Meteor Aliens are not attached to their bodies and are floating. Their shoes and hands are gold-colored. They hold strong laser guns in their hand which pierce through many substances.


They generally will not attack anyone if they don't interfere in their path. However, if someone attacks them or threatens them like Motu did with the telescope laser. They are aggressive attackers and pursue their target.


They are very weak against coconut water and milk, although it is not sure if they have weaknesses to other liquids, they disintegrate and disappear in contact of coconut water.