Modern City is a vast and large metropolis situated around 145 km from Furfuri Nagar and another 230 km away from Kamalpur. Unlike the two smaller towns, Modern City contains vast amounts of tall buildings and skyscrapers. It is much more technologically advanced and many industries and jobs run there. Modern City is mentioned very rarely although it was a crossing point for Motu and Patlu during their 36 hour car race for the gold trophy. The metropolis appears in the movie " Motu Patlu 36 Ghantey Race Against Time."


Modern City is suprisingly situated on top of a flat laying island surrounded by sea on all sides. There are long lying bridges that connect the city from the mainland. Motu Patlu crossed these several kilometer long bridges to cross the city and get ahead in the race. The infrastructure of the city rivals those of Dubai and Chicago with multiple highways, bridges, avenues, railways, and airports running in and out of the city. The city is most likely located in Gujarat as it is just outside of a desert.

Notable Locations