Motu ki Shadi is the 59th episode of the 5th season of Motu Patlu.


John's goons dress up like girls. While one pretends to have been married to Motu when they were children, the other forces Patlu to get married to him.


Famous Quotes From Episode

"I will get married! I will be groom!" - Number 2 rejoicing to the first part of John's plan.

"Not the groom, you will become Motu's bride and marry him." - John gives an in-depth explanation of his plan

"Boss! I can't marry Motu, I will not become bride." - Number 2 objecting to the plan.


"Oh shut up nonsense man, we have not come here to eat snacks and drink tea" - Number 1, pretending to be a woman, rebukes Dr. Jhatka.




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