Motu patlu car

Motu's Patlu's Car is a sedan that was briefly owned by Motu and Patlu after being bought from Jon for 10,000 rupees. The ironic thing is that the car has no engine and is a fake, thus it cannot be driven and Jon makes fools out of Motu and Patlu. In the end, they made a fool of Jon by secretly pulling the car and taking their money back.



At first glance, the car looks very similar to Dr. Jhatka's Flying Car in that it has the same body type and red colored headlights. The body paint of the car is turquoise blue colored, making it stand out. The wheels are on the larger end and the doors have metal handles.


The car has the same interior as most other cars and has gauge clusters for speed, gas, and heat levels. The only problem is that the car cannot be driven and must rely on downhill force or the wind to move.