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In Motu Patlu's Europe trip they have visited many countries and in the cities of those countries, in the capital cities, and in many places in those countries like Pisa of Italy, Rome of Italy, Tuscany of Italy, London of England and Paris of France. Motu Patlu's Europe Tour has 70+ episodes aired on Nickelodeon. Their European tour also includes 3 movies of Motu Patlu, "Motu Patlu in the Game of Zones", "Motu Patlu the Superheroes vs. Alien Ghost" and "Motu Patlu's Dangerous Road Trip in Switzerland".

Europe Tour's Episodes

Episode No. Title
430A Ghost Dost in Italy
430B Motu Patlu Ka Target
431A Motu Patlu in Star World
431B Ghost Bungalow
432A Mummies Attack in Italy
432B Motu Patlu Save the World
432A Bhar Pet Thali
432B Mosquito's Promise
433A Motu – King Alexander the Tenth
433B Lion Zinda Hai
434A Motu the Gladiator
434B John the Baby Elephant
435A The Atlas Man
435B Magical Cannonball
436A Missing Tower
436B Birds' Navigation
437A Samose in Paris
437B Time Travel to Rome
438A Giraffe Motu in Paris
438B Speed King Robber
439A Motu Patlu Ka Family Dinner in Paris
439B Motu Patlu Ka Tabela
440A King Uncle Ka Diamond
440B The Kidnapping of the Queen
441A Football Games in England
441B Theft of Stonehenge
442A Motu Patlu Ka Car Wash
442B Hotel Me Chori
443A Top of Europe
443B Motu Patlu in Big Ben
444A Diamonds in the Eiffel Tower
444B John Ka Missile Attack
445A Motu Patlu at London College
445B The Secret Chip
446A Motu Patlu The Dog Trainer
446B Thieves in the Louvre Pyramid
447A Hostage on German Ship
447B Motu Patlu at Buckingham Palace
448A Haunted Palace in Rome
448B Dr. Jhatka Ki Diary
449A Motu the Hollywood Hero
449B Advance Chariot Race
450A Flat in Germany
450B Motu Aur Giant Man
451A Naughty Monkeys
451B Statue in Museum
452A Motu The Wrestling Champion
452B Chor Ka Badla
453A The Trembling Island
453B Halloween in Germany

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