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Motu Patlu Wiki
  • Over the course of the show, a total of 27 movies have been released so far.

Note: These movies except for Motu Patlu: King of Kings were shown on Nickelodeon also the first 22 except Motu Patlu: King of Kings are also on Wow Kidz Channel(s).


                       Movies       Date
Motu Patlu in Wonderland 10 July 2013
Motu Patlu: Mission Moon 25 December 2013
Motu Patlu: Deep Sea Adventure 19 May 2014
Motu Patlu: Kung-Fu Kings 23 October 2014
Motu Patlu: Khazaane Ki Race 26 January 2015
Motu Patlu: Kung Fu King Returns 14 June 2015
Motu Patlu in: Carnival Island 22 October 2015
Motu Patlu: 36 Ghantey - Race Against Time 25 December 2014
Motu Patlu In Alien World 29 May 2016
Motu Patlu In Double Trouble 12 June 2016
Motu Patlu: King of Kings 14 October 2016
Motu Patlu: The Invisible Plane 25 December 2016
Motu Patlu in Dragon World 25 June 2017
Motu Patlu in Hong Kong 19 October 2017
Motu Patlu in Octopus World 24 December 2017
Motu Patlu in the City of Gold 29 April 2018
Motu Patlu: Dino Invasion 24 June 2018
Kung-Fu Kings 4: Motu Patlu and the Challenge of Kung-Fu Brothers 21 October 2018
Motu Patlu the Superheroes — Supervillians from Mars 26 January 2019
Motu Patlu & ‘Robo-Kids’ 26 May 2019
Motu Patlu in the Game of Zones 25 December 2019
Motu Patlu the Superheroes VS Alien Ghost 28 June 2020
Motu Patlu Dangerous Road Trip in Switzerland 25 October 2020
Motu Patlu VS Dr. Destroyer 3 January 2021
The Secret Mission of Motu Patlu 23 May 2021
Motu Patlu - Planet of No Return 27 June 2021
Motu Patlu in the Toy World 31 December 2021