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This wiki is about the popular South Asian comedy cartoon Motu Patlu and includes detailed information about the characters, episodes, locations, items, and movies. This wiki also includes information about the Motu Patlu spinoff shows Inspector Chingum, and Guddu the Great.

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Dr. Jhatka

Dr jhataka ctohs

Dr. Jhatka is a scientist who resides in Furfuri Nagar. He owns a laboratory where he usually creates new gadgets.

He likes to find guinea pigs for his experiments and Motu usually becomes one. Ghasitaram also works with him in the lab. 

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Motu Patlu: Puppet Show

Motu Patlu: Puppet Show is another show about Motu Patlu made by Lotpot. That show is one of the main inspirations for Motu Patlu. If you would like to see more information about Motu Patlu: Puppet Show, please go here.


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