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Hello, and welcome to the Motu Patlu Wiki. This wiki aims to cover any and all information about or relating to the Indian kids show Motu Patlu. We deeply appereciate your contribution to the wiki, if you make one. Please, enjoy your time here.


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What are stubs?

  1. Stubs are articles with a piece of brief information. An article must cover at least 50-60 words in order for it to not be a stub.
  2. If you come across any such page having short information, you can help the Wiki by adding more info and improving it,
  3. Offensive language is not tolerated on this Wiki. As a result, please use proper language when fixing stubs.
  4. A stub page will contain the following message: "This article is a stub. Help the Motu Patlu Wiki by expanding it".
  5. A certain section of a non-stub page can have the message as well, for example, the plot section of an episode page could have the message if there isn't enough detail on it.
  6. If you can add enough information to believe the article is "complete", then please also remove the {{Stub}} tag from the top of the page. This will remove the hat-note from the article, and remove it from the Stubs category.
  7. Be sure to read the policies on the main page and the Rules and Regulations page.

Thank you. Have fun!