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Munni is Chotu's Mother. She is Motu's Sister. She is a resident of Furfuri Nagar. She frequently visits her brother. Munni is 25 years old.


Chotu Ka Homework

Munni is seen watching over Chotu as he is sick.

Motu The Roller Skate Coach

Doggy's Days Out

Munni asks Motu to watch over a dog named Moti as she fears it might distract Chotu while he does his exams. At the end of the episode, Munni asks them to watch over Moti as Chotu and Munni are going to a vacation.

Motu Patlu in Wonderland

Munni brings Motu samosas at Chotu's request and adoringly watches them eat and remarks how similar Motu and Chotu are.

Motu Patlu Kung Fu Kings

Munni appears in Motu's dream with Chotu.


  • Motu's phone lists her as "Munni behen" which would translate to "Munni sister."
  • It is implied in Motu The Roller Skate Coach that Munni may be religious. This is because of a portrait of a figure seen near her in the episode.
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Munni with Chotu