Nick india dab

Nick India Dab (also called D Se Dab) is a Nickolodeon Special made to celebrate Teacher's Day. It centers around Motu's nephew Chotu, who "teaches" the class how to dab like a pro.

Students in Chotu's "class"

  • Motu
  • Patlu
  • Gattu
  • Battu
  • Ninja Hattori
  • Kenichi


Chotu: Attendance!

Chotu: Motu Patlu!

Motu and Patlu: Present!

Chotu: Gattu Battu!

Gattu and Battu: Present!

Chotu: Ninja!

Ninja: Present!

Chotu: Kenichi!

Kenichi: Present!

Chotu: Aaj ka topic hai d se dab! (Today, our topic is d for dab!)

Chotu: Dab, dab, dab, dab, dab!

Chotu: In the cool clothes plus attitude plus new hand moves and dab!

Chotu: and dab!

Chotu: and dab!

Chotu: and dab and dab and dab!

Narrator: Celebrate teachers day where the kids teach you how to be cool, with gurucool!


  • When Chotu calls Gattu and Battu on the roll call, even though Gattu and Battu are heard to be saying "Present", their mouths don't move at all.
  • If you look really closely at the beginning of the video, Chotu's walking animation is incorrect as as Chotu takes his 2nd step, his foot gets askew.
  • There is a fidget spinner in the end when the narrator says "Celebrate teachers day where the kids teach you how to be cool, with gurucool!"
    • This suggests Chotu also likes fidget spinners or fidget spinners are popular in India at the current time period.
  • Ninja and Kenichi are the only characters not to dab when Chotu repeats "and dab".
    • This is probably because Ninja and Kenichi are 2-D characters, and they don't fit well with the 3-D modeling and background the main animation uses.
    • The video has become an Internet meme in recent years, with various humorous edits made by users on YouTube.