Number 1 is one of the goons of John. He is a secondary antagonist. He helps him in his plans against Motu and Patlu, or their gang. He sometimes also drives John's van. His best friend is Number 2. He sometimes also disguises him self as various people.


He is a tall, overweight man in his thirties. He wears a blue French check hat, magenta striped shirt, denim trousers, and a yellow ascot. He also has a shaven head and beard with a well trimmed mustache.


Number 1 is loyal to Jon and is always seen with him. He is a bit wise as he tells Jon not to mess with Motu and Patlu and credits Jon's lines as poetry.

Powers and Abilities

He can disguise himself and knows some hand to hand combat. He is also clever and advises Jon not to go against Motu and Patlu.


He is not very strong and is beaten by Motu's samosa power or any other strong opponent. He can also be fooled by any clever character rather easily.


His shaven head and beard indicate that he spent time in jail.


"Waa boss waa kya kavita hai!Heinaa Number do?"(Wow boss wow, what a cuplit!, am i not right Number 2?)

"Boss kuch be kariyo, Motu Patlu say Pangaa mat leo!"(Boss do anything but do not mess with Motu Patlu)