Number 2 is one of John's goons and a secondary antagonist in Motu Patlu.


He is one of John's goons who speaks rarely and assists him in his plans. He sometimes drives John's van.


He is a tall, well-built fat man. He has a black eye and a bandaged wound on his large, round nose. but in the newer version, he is all healed and no injuries could be seen. He has black and light brown hair and a shaven beard. He always wears a turquoise ascot, green-colored shirt with stripes, a green belt with a light blue buckle, light brown pants, and white and light blue shoes. In the newer episodes of Motu Patlu, Number 2 wears a purple, striped shirt, a light green ascot, and green pants.


He is an unintelligent man who speaks with a lisp. Due to his lisp, sometimes people, including John, also lisp by mistake and it is difficult for others to understand him. Due to his lack of intelligence, he is not a planner in John's gang and usually does simple tasks like carrying John or accompanying him when the gang disguise themselves. he is also the follower of the gang.

Powers and Abilities

He can disguise himself and knows some hand to hand combat.


He is not very clever, and he is fairly weak.


  • His shaven beard and wounds indicate that he has stayed in jail and has gotten into fights.
  • While their boss is away, Number 1 teaches him the alphabet.
    Number 1 teaches Number 2 the Alphabet

    Number 1 teaches Number 2 the alphabet in the episode "John the Superhero".

  • In Lotpot episode, Motu Patlu Aur 2 Karod Ka Bag, which highly resembles episode John Banega Don, there is a man alongside the supposed Number 1, who gave Motu and Patlu a mysterious bag filled with money. His name, Kuustad, was heard during a conversation between the two.  
  • In the first two seasons, Brian D'Costa has voiced him, after season three, Rajah has voiced him.  


  • "Waa bot waa, taa tavita hai" (Wow boss, Wow, what a cuplit!)
  • "Haa?" (what?)


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