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If you are looking for Duplicate Patlu, look here.

Patlu (Hindi: पतलू) is one of the central characters in Motu Patlu. He is Motu's best friend and lives with him in a flat, in the New Modern City and a house in Furfuri Nagar. He is voiced by Saurav Chakraborty in Hindi & Sebastian in Tamil.

He was touring European countries such as Italy, France, the UK (mostly England), Switzerland, Germany, Russia, Albania, etc...

Nowadays he is Touring All over India. He is shown in Taj Mahal, Gateway of India, The states of Assam, Kerala Backwaters, Hawa Mahal, Qutub Minar, Victoria Memorial, etc.


He is a thin man in his thirties who wears glasses, but can also see without them. He has a few dark brown hairs on the back of his head. He wears a yellow kurta and orange leggings with brown shoes.

In New Modern City, Europe Tour & Indian Tour episodes of Motu Patlu, Patlu wears a tunic with a blue outline and blue leggings.

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He is a clever and brave man. He wants to live a simple life in contrast to Motu, who wants to achieve and be well-known. Whenever they are doing something, usually Patlu will be doing the right thing but Motu's clumsiness ruins it all. Nevertheless, he is loyal to his friends, especially Motu. They both have an unbreakable bond.

Powers and Abilities

Patlu saving himself with his stretchable arms

Patlu is a wise and clever man. He manages to save his friends even in the most difficult of problems. He can even figure out John or other bad people's plans. He has long stretchable arms which he uses to grab John and his goons when they are running or for other purposes and he also grabs Motu. He is also capable of dodging objects that are thrown at him. He has moved through time with Dr. Jhatka's machine, and wrapped Motu in a blanket.


He is not strong. He can beat John when he is alone but is beaten by strong criminals or John's goons. This may have been partially retconned during the redesign, as Patlu seems to be more capable of fighting.


  • His design is a parallel version of Ghasitaram's.
  • Patlu refers to his life as "irritating."
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    According to Nick India, Patlu has difficulties reading. An example of this can be seen in Lottery, when Patlu misreads two headlines.
  • In Salim Robot, Patlu’s weight is shown as being 56 kilograms (123 pounds), and his height is 5’08. In the later episode Wajan however, his weight changed to being about 10 kilograms (22 pounds).
  • He is unable to grow a mustache naturally.
  • He is named Sutin in the Sinhalese dub.
  • Patlu can occasionally break the fourth wall. For example, at the end of the episode "Chotu Ka Homework", Patlu looks at the viewer and remarks that Motu can easily do math if the math problem has to do with samosas.
  • Patlu values architecture and history, which is shown when he scolds Motu for straightening the Leaning Tower of Pisa.
  • Patlu's Mattar Paneer

    Patlu knows how to cook. He has been shown to cook mattar paneer amongst other things.
  • Patlu has a hard time getting hungry. In addition, just one bite of samosa makes him full.
  • In the Motu Patlu Lotpot comics, Motu and Patlu are brothers. In the show, they are friends.
  • There is a man identical to Patlu named Duplicate Patlu, which the people of Furfuri Nagar call Taklu. Taklu's mother's name is unknown. It is unknown whether Patlu and Taklu are related.
  • In Bhukkad Patlu, Patlu is shown to be hungry and eating excessive food because of Dr. Jhatka'uses pill.
  • He call John 'Dandanakka Don' in Tamil Dub
  • His pajama's are teal and white with bulbs plastered all
  • Patlu likes orange flavoured barf ka gola (Indian version of snow popsicle) as Motu stated in the movie Motu Patlu: The Invisible Plane


Hindi - 

  • "Hmm... hmm.... hmm...Idea!"
  • "Motu kuch karo!" (Motu, do something!)
  • "Idea!"

Tamil - "Hmm... hmm.... hmm...Idea!"'

Ade, Motu Paana Vayathaa seekiramma etaavathu pannu. (Hey, Motu Pot Stomach, do something quickly!)



In Furfuri Nagar, he lives in a simple house next to Motu's house which is firstly for rent but after some time they purchase the house from their house owner.

He have his own house but most of the time he lives in Motu's house with his friend.

When Furfuri Nagar gets transformed into New Modern City he owns a good house next to Motu's house but again lives in his house.

When they shift to New Modern City he buys a flat in Furfuri Apartment and lives in it.

During their tour to Europe, they stayed at hotels.

During Indian tour, they stay at...

  • At Agra - At Jhatka's Sister Mamata's home
  • At Kerala - Chingum's Parents house.
  • Rest all they stay at Hotels.

Name in Other Languages

Language Name (Patlu)
English Patlu
Hindi पतलू
Urdu پتلو
Arabic بتلو
Sinhala සුටිං (Sutin)
Bengali পতলু
Gujarati પતલુ
Marathi पतलू