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Hello, and welcome to the Motu Patlu Wiki. This wiki aims to cover any and all information about or relating to the Indian kids show Motu Patlu. We deeply appereciate your contribution to the wiki, if you make one. Please, enjoy your time here.


Motu Patlu Wiki

There are several requirements a user has to meet if they would like extra user rights. These requirements are listed down below. If you wish for enhanced user rights, and you meet the prerequisites, ask an admin to file a request for you, or ask Nilraat, Wolfie137, or Meeta gautam, the wiki bureaucrats. You can find more information here. Users are also allowed to ask for promotions for the language counterparts of this wiki here.


You will need to do some things before you ask for a certain role. Please note that these prerequisites might be ignored if a user has done exceptional work on the wiki. Having these prerequisites will only make you eligible for a promotion, and will not guarantee a successful promotion request.


  • To become a bureaucrat, a current bureaucrat must give a user the promotion. You are likely to be given the status of bureaucrat if you have more than 500 edits, 2 instances where you have reported or reversed vandalism, contribute to the wiki frequently, and have less than 5 blocks.


  • To become an admin you must have at least 450 edits, at least 1 instance where you have reversed vandalism, and no intention to abuse your powers.


  • Being a moderator in this wiki means that you are a content, and thread moderator. You must follow the prerequisites for both down below.
Content Moderator
  • To become a content moderator you must have 35 to 60 edits and no record of vandalism and you should be very active in the wiki. There has to be at least one instance where you have reversed vandalism, but this can be exempted.
Thread Moderator
  • To become a Thread Moderator, You must have at least 5 Discussion Posts that are not inappropriate in nature. You will need 50 edits as well.


  • To become a rollback you should have at least 30 edits, plus one or two instances where you removed vandalism or reported it to an admin or bureaucrat.

Promotion Request Layout

Promotion Request Layout 

This is the layout in which promotion requests should be laid out;

  • What's Your/Their Name? - 
  • What Wiki Version do you want to be promoted on (Only if you want to be promoted at the other versions of this wiki) - 
  • How many edits have you/they made in the wiki? -
  • How many months/days have you/they been in the wiki? -
  • What position do you/they want? -  
  • Are you/they holding the requested position in some other wiki? -
  • Achievements on this Wiki (Optional) -
  • Number of Discussion Posts (Optional unless you wish to be a thread moderator) -

Please note that you may be promoted due to your contributions to the wiki, even if you did not request a promotion.

Discord Promotions

To have a role in the Motu Patlu Wiki Discord, you must have a discord, and be an administrator/moderator/rollback. However, there are exceptions to this.

Consulting Active Users

If there are active users in the wiki, you will have to consult them on whether they would approve of the promotion. If you have a Discord account, you might want to consult the users in the Wiki Discord.

Other Information

  • Unlike many other wikis, users aren't democratically chosen by other users to have the role they want. If a user wants a role, and meets the prerequisites, they will be given the role by a bureaucrat/admin. A user can however, ask other users whether they would mind them getting the desired role.


 Adopting the Wiki

Please see Help:Adoption and the Guidelines for Wiki Adoption for more information.

If there are no active bureaucrats in the wiki (note that users are considered inactive after 60 days of no activity in a certain wiki), and you wish to be a bureaucrat to help this wiki, you have the option to adopt the wiki. Please ask permission from any active users and admins/moderators before proceeding to adopt the wiki. If there aren't any active admins whatsoever, you still have the option to adopt the wiki as long as you meet the criteria stated in the guidelines.

Note that there have been 5 adoption requests for this wiki, so if you do want to adopt the wiki, your adoption request must be Adoption:Motu Patlu Wiki (6). Remember that this wiki is in the TV/Movie category.


  • For any promotion requests, feel free to request a promotion in Meeta gautam, Wolfie137, or Nilraat's message wall, this page, or you can ask any admin to file a request for you.