He is the ringmaster of Maya Circus and is mostly in charge of the circus's affairs and formerly was Appu's master before the elephant escaped free in a protected forest.


He wears traditional ringmaster clothing. His attire consists of a bright tailcoat, red with gold trim and with a top hat. The outfit is designed to look like an 18th-century gentleman's riding habit, and often includes a whip, a relic of when the ringmaster directed the performance, not as an announcer and host but as director of the many equestrian acts.

His trousers are a dark black with a bright red going along the slides making it stand out and look elegant even more.

His suit is a red shiny velvet, with a nylon white undershirt and a black bow tie neatly placed. He wears white gloves and holds a whipping leash, used to discipline animals for performances. Meanwhile his hair is long, silky, and elegantly brown. And his side burns curl up along his face. The ringmaster sports a partial beard and mustache as well.


He is a very dark and impatient man. As he gets easily angry at Motu and Patlu over his abuse of Appu, he also is very pursuant and persistent, chasing Appu for miles and miles until it was impossible to get him back.


He is not physically very strong and gets run over and toppled by Appu as he is an elephant.


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