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Hello, and welcome to the Motu Patlu Wiki. This wiki aims to cover any and all information about or relating to the Indian kids show Motu Patlu. We deeply appereciate your contribution to the wiki, if you make one. Please, enjoy your time here.


Motu Patlu Wiki

The following are a set of rules and regulations enforced in the Motu Patlu Wiki. Please follow these rules and report anyone who does not follow the rules to Nilraat, Wolfie137, RudyTheRockstar, Meeta gautam, Woh0, and/or Stoplaughing. A list of active admins/moderators can be found here. Please note that most of these rules also apply to all other counterparts of this wiki, the discussions, and the Discord server.


Please treat all users with politeness and respect. Never belittle or make fun of another user for their actions and identity. (Identity in this sense refers to multiple aspects of life, such as culture, personal preferences, or sexuality) Please do not behave in a way that makes others uncomfortable. Not following netiquette will lead to a warning.

Additionally, please don't spoil any upcoming content for Motu Patlu and it's affiliated shows. Spoilers will be promptly removed.

Can You Edit?

Because FANDOM adheres to COPPA, also known as the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act, all users known to be under the age of 13 will not be allowed to join FANDOM as an user, and therefore alter the wiki by editing, commenting, etc. If you are under the age of 13, please feel free to view the wiki and it's content, but please do not make any edits or comments. If a user is found to be under the age of 13, they will be blocked for a period of time.

Because FANDOM is based in the United States, users under the age of 13 are asked not to create an account regardless of location.


All users, as long as they have a FANDOM account, are allowed to edit the Motu Patlu Wiki. However, if a user engages in vandalism, they will get either a warning, or a block depending on the severity of said vandalism.


All images and videos are allowed in the wiki as long as they are relevant to the place they are posted in. Please do not add images and/or videos that contain material considered offensive to other users.


Please do not use vulgar words, such as typical curse words, or language meant to insult a group of people, as the wiki is meant to be child-friendly. Please try to keep the wiki's content PG-13 and below.

The word "hell" is allowed in the wiki as long as it is not used to bully and/or harass another user.

Personal Information

Please do not share personal information on the wiki. Personal information can include your entire name, the names of your relatives, and where you live. Any personal information will be removed, and the sharer of the personal information will be advised not to share their personal information here.

Warnings and Blocking

Please see Warnings and Blocking.


When a page is protected, it is not editable by either all or several users. Any pages that are vital to the organization of the wiki, or have been heavily vandalized are protected. Additionally, the userpages of certain users are protected for a variety of reasons. You are allowed to ask an admin to protect your page if you don't want it to be editable by new and unregistered users.


Please see Request for Promotion.

Other Rules

  • You must follow the FANDOM terms of use in all FANDOM wikis, including this one.
  • Before making any major change to the wiki (changing the wiki colors, navigation tab, changing the background, etc) all admins must consult any other users on the matter.
  • You are allowed to use multiple accounts in this wiki as long as they are not used to break the rules. However, your main account should confirm that the other accounts are theirs to prevent confusion and accusations of impersonating.
  • Once a new user has reached a certain number of days of being active in the wiki, they can edit semi-protected pages.
  • Fanfictions and fanart are only allowed in userpages, blogs, and/or sandboxes
  • Enjoy your time in the Motu Patlu Wiki!