The following are a set of rules and regulations enforced in the Motu Patlu Wiki. Please follow these rules and report anyone who does not follow the rules to Nilraat, Wolfie137, RudyTheRockstar, Meeta gautam, Woh0, and Stoplaughing. A list of active admins/moderators can be found here. Please note that these rules also apply to the Hindi, Bengali, Vietnamese, Tamil, and Urdu versions of the wiki. These rules also apply to the wiki discussions and the Motu Patlu: Puppet Show wiki.


All users are welcome to edit the Motu Patlu Wiki. However, vandalizing (removing all the content from a page, adding incorrect information, trolling, spamming unnecessary photos, etc) is not tolerated. Creating pages relevant to the wiki is also allowed.

Image Policy

All users are welcome to add pictures to a page. Please note that the pictures should be relevant to the Motu Patlu wiki.


Fanart is artwork created by fans of fictional things (games, shows, etc), and in this wiki's case, fanart of Motu, Patlu, etc. Fanart is only allowed in your profiles and blog posts.


Gifs are moving pictures. They are also allowed in the wiki pages as long as they are relevant to the show.

Use of Language in the Wiki

The only words that are not allowed for use in this wiki are all "swear/curse/indecent words" due to the fact that swear words of any kind have not been used in Motu Patlu. Users who swear will get reminders and warnings, regardless of whether they are normal users or users with "rights" (admins, content moderators, bureaucrats, etc). Please note that the word "hell" is not considered a swear word in the wiki, and is allowed to be used, however, if that word is used for bullying and harassment, it will be considered as a swear word.

Screenshot 2020-07-24 at 10.09.07 AM

This comment shows which "swear word" is allowed in the wiki as long as it's not used for harassment and bullying.


If any user wishes to be promoted, they will have to follow the following requirements;

  • To become a bureaucrat, a current bureaucrat must give a user the promotion. You are likely to be given the status of bureaucrat if you have 300 edits or more, 2 instances where you have reported or reversed vandalism, contribute to the wiki frequently, and have less than 5 blocks (accidental blocks do not count as they are accidental). A user can also adopt the wiki if they meet the following requirements down below.
  • To become an admin you must have at least 150 edits and no intention to abuse your powers.
  • To become a moderator you must have 60 edits and no record of vandalism and you should be active until you become an admin.
  • To become a Discussions Moderator, You must have at least 5 Discussion Posts that are not inappropriate. You will need 50 edits as well.
  • To become a Chat Moderator, You must have 40 edits on the wiki and 5 appropriate comments. A chat moderator is in charge of regulating comments and message posts in this wiki because this wiki has disabled the chat.
  • To become a Content Moderator, You must have 35 edits on the wiki.
  • To become a rollback you should have at least 30 edits, plus two instances where you removed vandalism or reported it to an admin or bureaucrat.
  • For any promotion requests, feel free to contact Meeta gautam for any positions other than Discussion and Chat moderator roles. You can request a promotion in Meeta gautam or Annoor1234's message wall, the forum, or you can ask an admin to file a request for you.

Promotion Request Layout

This is the layout in which promotion requests should be laid out;

  • What's Your/Their Name? - 
  • How many edits have you/they made in the wiki? -
  • How many months/days have you/they been in the wiki? -
  • What position do you/they want? -  
  • Are you/they holding the requested position in some other wiki? -
  • Achievements on this Wiki (Optional) -
  • Number of Discussion Posts (Optional unless you wish to be a discussion moderator) -

Please note that you may be promoted due to your contributions to the wiki, even if you did not request a promotion. Please see more information about Promotion Requests here.

Adopting the Wiki

Please see Help:Adoption and the Guidelines for Wiki Adoption for more information.

If there are no active bureaucrats in the wiki (note that users are considered inactive after 60 days of no activity in a certain wiki), and you wish to be a bureaucrat to help this wiki, you have the option to adopt the wiki. Please ask permission from any active users and admins/moderators before proceeding to adopt the wiki. If there aren't any active admins whatsoever, you still have the option to adopt the wiki as long as you meet the criteria stated in the guidelines.

Note that there have been 5 adoption requests for this wiki, so if you do want to adopt the wiki, your adoption request must be Adoption:Motu Patlu Wiki (6). Remember that this wiki is in the TV/Movie category.

Getting Blocked and Warnings

If you break most rules in this wiki; you will be given a warning, however, we will assume that you made an accidental mistake. If you continue breaking the rules, you will be given a second warning, which will not assume anything. If you still break the rules, you will get the third and final warning, which will assume that you are breaking the rules on purpose. If the rule-breaking continues, you will be blocked for a certain amount of time.

However, if you vandalize the wiki, you will be given 1 warning. If the vandalism continues, you will be blocked for some time, or indefinitely. Harassment of another user will be met with a warning, and a block if it continues. If the severity of the vandalism is very bad, then the vandal will be given a permanent block.

When a user is blocked, they will no longer be able to edit the wiki, or in some cases, use their message wall. Their profile will have a message and template informing anybody seeing the blocked user's profile that they are blocked. The blocked user's page will also be protected to avoid vandalism.

Accidental Blocks

Sometimes, the Abuse filter can block innocent users, sometimes, an admin could accidentally block an innocent user. If it is found that the innocent but blocked user is indeed innocent, they will be unblocked. An accidental block is not counted against the user when it comes to promotions or anything else.


Sockpuppetry is when a blocked user creates another FANDOM account to continue harming a wiki or simply be able to edit/comment the wiki again. If a sockpuppet is discovered, the sockpuppet account will be blocked and the blocked user controlling the sockpuppet will have their block extended.

(Note: Sockpuppetry is different from creating a new account/alternate account if the user creating the alternate account isn't blocked in the wiki)


Fanfictions are not allowed in the wiki unless they come in the form of blogs, comments, or discussion posts. Note that there aren't any current Motu Patlu Fanon wikis as of now.

Personal Information

Please do not share personal information on the wiki. This includes your real name, the name of your family members. phone number, and other sensitive information. All bureaucrats, administrators, and content moderators reserve the right to edit your user page if it contains something against the rules, including personal information. Please try to not use your real name (or just your full name) in this wiki. Use your FANDOM username instead.

Other Rules

  • You must follow the FANDOM terms of use in all FANDOM wikis, including this one.
  • Before making any major change to the wiki (changing the wiki colors, navigation tab, changing the background, etc) all admins must ask each other and make sure they approve. It is also a good idea to consult any other active users on the matter.
  • You are allowed to use multiple accounts in this wiki as long as they are not used to break the rules. However, your main account should confirm that the other accounts are theirs to prevent confusion.
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