Samosas, also known as Samose, are a popular and tasty triangular-shaped pastry that is filled with vegetables or minced meat. Because of its triangle shape, they are called Indian pasties, or the Indian version of a British snack. In the show, they are a very popular food choice in Furfuri Nagar and are Motu's favorite food. He can't stop eating enough of them and thus is so fat. Chaiwala, the tea and samosas vendor often makes the best samosas in Furfuri Nagar and Motu and Patlu often go there to eat them. Their samosas consist of Potatoes and peas. The samosas in Motu Patlu are said to be the best in the country.

While samosas are portrayed as healthy in the show, they are considered as junk food. Motu Patlu has been criticized for tricking kids into believing that samosas grant people vast amounts of strength.


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