Sharkuni is a clever and evil hammerhead shark who was a magician and the main antagonist in the film Motu Patlu Deep Sea Adventure.

"Akdi Makdi! Jaadu ki lakri, Jaadu dheka dho." (Abra Kadabra! Magical Stick, Show your Magic!)"


He can take on many forms although his original form is a Hammer Head Shark. His face is flat and shaped like a hammer head implying his species name. He carries a magicians stick that yields magical spells and attacks. On the top of his stick is a skeleton of a dead Angler Fish and he uses the stick to cast spells and curses. His skin is magenta purple colored.

In his mermaid form he has a very powerful and muscular human body. The body looks very masculine and powerful with the hair raised upright. His torso and below have the form of an octopus with multiple tentacles.


He had a very dark and evil agenda, he used Sharkaal's immature arrogance to his advantage to gain power of the seas. He would pretend to be his advisory and ally and would often compliment Sharkaal and his agenda. This would trick Sharkaal into thinking he was his ally and slowly he was brainwashed. Sharkaal was very clever and his ambition was to overthrow Sharkaal and ultimately be the ruler of the seas. He used Sharkaal as a puppet leader.


He was an almost invincible and immortal character that hid most of his power throughout the movie. Not even Motu's samosa power would come close to stopping him, the only weakness he had was the Mermaid King's Sword which was able to slice and defeat him from its immense power and lead to his defeat.


He can cast spells and curses on people with his magical stick