Starfish Artist Is a creative and very artistic Starfish that paints very realistic portraits of Sharkaal. He along with the other underwater characters of Sharkaal's Kingdom makes his only appearance in the movie Motu Patlu Deep Sea Adventure.

"Bossy smile please! (Please smile boss!)...."


He has a rainbow colored body with a wide array of colors from purple, blue, orange, yellow, and others. On his head he wears an artist beret with paint splattered on it. He uses a dead fish for his painting mural and a squid as his paint brush. The starfish also has an upturned well pointed mustache similar to Motu's except thinner.


A very cheerful and happy starfish, he is full of humor and color. Although he speaks little, he seems interested as being the "photographer" of his royal king Sharkaal. Although Sharkaal gets upset at him for interrupting, he does not mind posing for him while he takes his portraits. Starfish Artist also seems dedicated to art and draws realistic portraits of Sharkaal, showing his skill in painting. In the end episode, Starfish Painter did not mind painting Motu and his friends as well as other members in Sharkaal's kingdom and painted a realistic painting of them.


He can paint extremely well hyper realistic portraits.