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The Toothpaste Spirit is a spirit that came out of Motu's electric toothbrush and made his only appearence in the episode "The Devil Toothpaste". He blows bubbles and is so powerful that he even beat Boxer in physical combat and beat Chaiwala, Number 1, Number 2, and other residents ofFurfuri Nagar.


He is basically a squirt of toothpaste and he is aqua colored. Since he is a spirit, he has no legs and floats in the air. He does have hands and arms however. He has a nose, eyes and eyebrows on his face.


He has the attitude of a dentist except much more extreme. The Toothpaste Spirit hates people who don't brush their teeth enough and especially hates cavities and germs. He wants to get rid of those people. His goal is to treat and get rid of mouth germs in the entire Furfuri Nagar.


He loses to the power of vacuum by Motu and Patlu as he is a ghost and toothpaste and he gets sucked in just like how a genie gets sucked in a lamp.