He is the Guru or teacher of the Thief/dacoit academy located on a hill outside Furfuri Nagar. He has many students including John. He said that John was his best student. When Motu Patlu kept teasing John he came to help him. However his plans failed and in the end, he left his academy and went to a place far from Motu Patlu.


He is a tall well-built man in his fifties. He has a mustache and a beard and wears a green Sikh cap. He wears a brown sweater with white embroidery over a blur-green shirt. He also wears red wrist bands with green pants and brown shoes.

Powers and Abilities

He is well-built and experienced as he is the Guru of thief/dacoit training academy. He is also a good planner as he made some good plans against Motu Patlu and managed to be-fool Motu.


With his plans he could be-fool Motu but not the wise Patlu. His thoughts and plans were bad and good always wins in Motu Patlu


He is probably a Sikh as he wears a Sikh cap and has a beard like most Sikhs.